The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Sounds So Soulful…

don’t you agree? 

**listen here**

I made Jesus walks so never going to hell
Couture level flow its never going on sale
Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses
Sophisticated ignorance
Write my curses in cursive
I get it custom
You a customer
You aint accustomed to going through customs
You aint been nowhere huh?
And all the ladies in the house got them showing off
I’m done I hit ya up, manana!

I’m digging “Otis”, firstly for the sample, and secondly for how Ye set that shit off! all three verses,  Kanye wins. I listened to this song about 10 times in a row to try to catch it all. I have to say his wordplay had a more lasting impression on me. Only thing that bothers me is the placement of that “wailing” it just really does nothing for the track. its also pretty short so I’m not sure if the album version will include a hook of some sort, but it doesn’t need one IMO.

You already know how I feel about these guys. Anxiously awaiting Watch The Throne. If you haven’t yet peeped Hov’s lifestyle blog Life & Times (linked above), please check that out as well, some interesting stuff is on there.

I buy all Jay CDs so on the strength I gotta add this to my collection, probably the Deluxe Editioin even though yall know I’m gonna peep the leak too.

What yall think? hate it or love it? indifferent? 


Yeezy Taught Me! A continuation…

A previous post titled “Big Brother vs. Little Brother” addressed Kanye’s rise so far up to his 5th album release and compared his freshman-senior year studio albums with the one and only Young Hov. if you missed that post click here.  Now that the 5th album has leaked, my homie @milesfan79 is back to sum up his thoughts about Mr. West. Consider this an album review as well. I’ll chime in as I see necessary…

Where do I begin?? I’m still in sort of awe of the album after listening to it for the last week (yea I’ve had it a week lol).  Three months ago I left you’ll with the question:

So who would you say had/has better career when comparing the two?   Can we expect Kanye’s new album to be the next Blueprint?

I will answer those questions later.

So lets explore My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy shall we. From a production stand point MBDTF is damn near flawless.  The sample selections are creative and soulful; and his incorporation of live instrumentals was perfect.  The best thing about this album is Kanye focused on “Quality and not Quantity”. I was a lil skeptical when I say the tracklist and saw it was only 11 tracks (plus 2 interludes), but that just comes from habit of artist giving us quantity instead of quality lately.  Its kind of sad we now expect a cd to have 16+ tracks and frown/complain when we see cd’s with 10 or 11 tracks.  We are so used to it, that we all forget some of the GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME had 10 or less tracks: Thriller had 9 tracks and Illmatic had 10 tracks.  These days 97% of albums not have 15 or more tracks, with most of the songs being “fillers” to satisfy our desire for “quantity over quality”.  Kanye was able to restore my belief in “quality over quantity” in the hip-hop game and at no point did I want to skip a track, I can listen to the cd begin to end with no skips.

I also like the fact that he did not rush songs, most time we hear songs and they cut off 10 seconds after the last verse.  Kanye chose to “let it ride” on most of the tracks, I commend him for having foresight to not cut songs short.  Most times when you hear a 7-minute song you can’t wait for it to over but Kanye was able to keep me wanting more even after 5 or 6 minutes (pause if necessary lol)

His feature selection and usage was very well thought out and impressive; lately a lot of artists have feature heavy projects, so feature heavy you sometimes stop and ask yourself “who’s album is this again?”  There were 12 artist featured on this album but you could barely tell, at no point did I not forget it was Kanye album.  Kanye allowed the featured artist to compliment the songs rather than carry them for him.

Another impressive thing about this album is the fact that its taps into your emotions with out you knowing (No its not a “emo” album a la 808 & heartbreaks).  Being a psych major I look at it from a psych/emotional perspective and most song resonates with different emotion/feeling (stay with me I’ll explain) that we all experience and can relate to.  The most explicit example was with “Blame Game”, Kanye was able capture the essences and emotions of any past relationship in 7 minutes and 50 seconds with out making you getting too sad or too mad.

Not to spoil it for those that have not heard it, but picture a previous relationship and all the good and bad emotions you experience when thinking about that relationship: meeting them, digging them, loving them, lusting them, loving them more, arguments, suspected cheating/foul play, being on the verge of break up but still fighting to try to make it work, its ultimate demise/breakup and finally moving on. Well “blame game” explores and taps all those emotions in 7minutes and 50 seconds and you enjoy every second of it with an added bonus at the end lol. The other songs can resonate with certain feelings/emotions:

Hell of a life=debauchery/lust/recklessness

Devil in a new dress=infatuation


The only negative thing (but not really) I can say that sort of took away from the album was the fact some of the songs were released early as “GOOD Friday” tracks and all the songs were heard in the “Runaway” video.  But that not really a negative, b/c good music is good music regardless of its timing.  I think we all still want that “shock and awe” factor that we used to get from albums back in the day, but technology (internet leaks, hip-hop blogs, etc) does not allow for those surprises “wow” moments we used to get anymore.

Overall I give MBDTF a solid A+, it is damn near flawless, very smart production, has lots of replay value and there is nothing else like it at the moment.

Reecie’s Note: I agree with this grade. well maybe just an A. I am not sure about the plus. What can I say I’m a pretty hard grader. lol

**Will this be this generation’s “Blueprint”??**

That is a difficult question answer at the moment, b/c we can look back at status of Blueprint over the last 9 years, whereas we are just the beginning of MBDTF.

However, for sake of argument/debate, I’ll say: yes and no and maybe.

I say Yes b/c I believe this album will be Kanye’s blueprint, the album that ultimately secures his status in the hip-hop game.  Like I touched on in previous debate Blueprint secured Jay-Z in the game, as this will do for Kanye.  Think of events (his mother’s death, previous “disappointing” album, Taylor Swift debaucle) leading up to this album that had us all questioning, “Does Kanye still have it??” “what can is he going do next?” So not only did he prove he still has it, he proves he is the best at it.

I say No, b/c Blueprint laid a blueprint (pun intended) for artists to follow/model themselves after, MBTDF is so new/refreshing to the game that it possibly could not be used as model for other artist.  I don’t think anyone in the game right now has the ability to recreate the formula without being so obvious.  So MBDTF is not the hip-hop game’s blueprint, if anything I think it will be hip-hop’s “Thriller” bc the fact that it has opens new boundaries that not just anyone can explore and it will make artist think more outside the box for direction but not on same exact path as MBDTF.

It maybe this generation’s BP for the fact that it will possibly be the most referenced album for the next decade.  In the 2000s when debating/talking/comparing hip-hop BP was referenced in 99.9% of the time.  Like BP I think for 2010 and beyond when having those same debates MBDTF may be be brought up as well.

Is MBDTF better than BP??

Yes and no

When judging the two with a hip-hop microscope/on hip-hop scale, BP beats out MBDTF but not by much.  Also BP has sentimental value in the hip-hop game for the fact of the timing of its release on 9/11.  This album help the hip-hop game and the nation get thru a gloomy uncertain and confusing time.  WE were all dealing with the 9/11 tragedy but Blueprint provided an escape from the daily images of 9/11 and for that fact alone I feel MBDTF is not better.

However when judging on an overall musical scale without the hip-hop label, yes it is better than and trumps BP musically.  No matter how you look at it BP is strictly a hip-hop album.  MBDTF is not just a hip-hop album, it is an album with hip-hop elements.  I would not put MBDTF in the hip-hop box alone; its so different it can’t just be labeled as a hip-hop in my opinion.  If I were riding in the car in my 80-year-old grandmother I would definitely not put in BP, however I would put MBDTF without thinking twice (with exception of 1 song, “hell of a life” lol)

Reecie’s Note: I wouldn’t play the Chris Rock skit on Blame Game around my grandmother either, just saying. lol I totally agree with this album being beyond hip hop. It is pretty musically masterful.

So overall Kanye is following the steps of his big brother Jay-z, they are comparable to Jordan and Kobe.  Jordan/Jay-Z will always be the greatest but Kobe/Kanye is just as great but just in different way and in a different generation.

What do you all think? is MBDTF the better album? is BP? are they totally incomparable that its not even necessary to dissect/compare? great on different levels? Let us know in the comments.


Big Brother vs. Little Brother

“I guess big brother was thinking a little different
Kept little brother at bay, at a distance…”

so my good friend G presented this idea to me and I told him “knock yourself out.” Since he only visits/comments on my blog when I discuss hip hop, of course he would be the perfect person to pen this post–as we have debated and bonded over how we love H.E.R. over the years. Check out his tumblr page for his random coolness. When he feels the urge to type more than 140 characters, this is what we get…

Just recently, while listening to “POWER” I realized Kanye is approaching his fifth album and is pretty much the one of the top emcees in hip-hop right now.  Seems just like yesterday we were all introduced to a polo-wearing producer turned rapper.  He can legitimately be thrown into any “top 10” debate along said his big brother Jay-Z.  So naturally I began to think “who is better?”  I know what you’re thinking: “that’s like comparing Jordan and Kobe!!”
Yes Jay has more records and has been in game longer, so that would be pointless comparison.  So rather than comparing their over all careers, I took a look at Jay’s early career prior to his fifth album (which happened to be “The Blueprint”). So here is quick compression/snapshot of the two (leading up to their fifth album):

Jay: 1995-2001, 4 albums (I excluded “Streets is Watching” and “The Dynasty: ROC La Familia” because I consider those compilation albums) and 11.5 million records sold

Kanye West: 2003-2010, 4 albums and 11.5 millions records sold

So on paper they’re pretty much identical, so I had dig a little deeper to get better comparison, so let’s break it down a little further shall we:

Freshman Year:

Jay-Reasonable Doubt (1996, 1.5mil sold)

Lead singles: “Ain’t No Nigga” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle”

Notables: “Feelin it” and “Can I Live”

Sleepers: “Coming of Age” and “Politics as Usual”


Kanye-The College Dropout (2004, 3.5mil Sold)

Lead single: “Through the Wire”

Notables: “Spaceship”, “Jesus Walks” and “School Spirit”

Sleeper: “Two Words”

This is a tuff match up, both are classic and are on most fans list of favorite albums.  The interesting factor that separates the two is RD was not labeled a classic upon release.  Jay himself even said: “didn’t appreciate the first one, until the second one came out”. TCD was a bit unpredictable/risky upon release, who ever imagined a producer turned rapper dropping a classic? (Even Jay was reluctant to sign Kanye at first).  No one did, until it dropped and the whole world was shocked.

Winner: this was a “score tied w/:03 secs on the clock in 5 OT of a game 7” situation.  Both are undeniable classics, but for sentimental reasons I have to go with RD, but TCD put up one HELL OF A FIGHT!

Reecie’s feedback: I agree. “Feelin It” and “Politics as Usual” are two of my all time favorite Jay songs. But “Two Words” and “Get Em High” are some of my favorites in hip hop too, with Common, Talib, & the Mighty Mos!  I also personally hated “School Spirit” lol. The influence of TCD is undeniable though. I think Ye’ wins as far as changing/progressing the genre.

Sophomore Year:

Jay-In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1997, 1.5mil)

Lead single: “Who You Wit”

Notables: “Where I’m From” and “Imaginary Player” (Tribute to Biggie)

Sleeper: “Streets is Watching”


Kanye-Late Registration (2005, 3mil sold)

Lead single: “Gold Digger”

Notables: “Touch the sky” (1st intro to Lupe) and “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”

Sleepers: “Late” and “We Major”

Some say Jay was depressed by Biggie’s death and his willingness to let Puffy put him in a shinny suit didn’t add to the album’s allure.  It wasn’t horrible but was far from great, it definitely left us all appreciating RD more.  Whereas Kanye “came out swinging like Tiger Woods.”  He lead off with a Jamie Foxx (who was fresh off of the movie “Ray”) Ray Charles inspired collaboration and the rest is history.

Winner: this was a no brainier; Kanye had this won in the first quarter

Reecie’s feedback: I ABSOLUTELY adore Vol. 1, so I disagree with the appreciating RD more. I love them both for what they are. I know its an unpopular project overall but “You Must Love Me” is great storytelling. “Lucky Me” is a sentimental reflective song to me that I love more EVERY time I hear it, “Where I’m from” is a favorite go hard Jay track and how can you not love “Face/Off?” Even “A Million and One Questions” (the extended remix) is dope.  I just LOVE this cd, from beginning to end the flow of the cd works for me so of course most of the tracks I think are sleepers. As far as overall awesomeness, I gotta go with ‘Ye being as I think Late Registration is a better album musically than TCD and really confirmed Kanye as a force rapping. “Late” is my favorite from LR.

Junior year:

Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life (1998, 5.5mil sold)

Lead single: “Hard Knock Life”

Notables: “Jigga What, Jigga Who” and “Can I get A…” (funny that Amil was on both)

Sleeper: “It’s Alright” (Bleek at his finest)


Kanye – Graduation (2007, 3mil sold)

Lead singles: “Stronger” and “Good Life”

Notables: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

Sleepers: “Barry Bonds” and “Good Morning”

How could anyone forget the “Annie” inspired summer anthem? There were some decent tracks on Vol. 2 but the album was definitely carried by the success/popularity of “Hard knock life”.  By junior year Kanye had earned his respect in the game and deserved to be called Mr. West. Graduation had lots of bangers and how could we forget that this was the album that helped destroy 50 Cent’s career.

Winner: Jay came hard with Vol. 2, but Mr. West dropped a nuclear bomb with Graduation. Kanye had this game wrapped up by half time.

Reecie’s feedback: I wasn’t a huge fan of Vol. 2 outside of the songs mentioned above, oh and of course “Money, Cash Hoes”–the original and the remix. “Hard Knock Life” was THEEEEE SHIT in 98 though. “Jigga What, Jigga Who” had me thinking I could flow for real.  “mufuckas wanna act loco, hit em with numerous shots with the fo fo” Graduation was dope to me when it first came out (the whole 50 cent thing–Curtis wasn’t a bad CD either, btw) but I can’t say I listen to a lot of those songs now either, outside of “Flashing Lights” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” *shrugs* and I’m still salty he reworked “Home” and made “Homecoming” which is inferior to the OG track with John Legend. Revisiting, it’s definitely a solid CD, just not one in my heavy rotation–that goes for both Junior Year projects. I don’t want to pick at all on this one (indecisive Libra).

Senior year:

Jay-Vol. 3…Life and Times of S.Carter (1999, 3mil sold)

Lead: “Big Pimpin”

Notable: “Jigga My Nigga” and “Do it Again”

Sleepers: “So Ghetto”

Kanye-808&Heartbreaks (2008, 2mil sold)

Leadoff singles: “Heartless”, “Love Lockdown”

Notable: “Amazing”

Sleeper: “Pinocchio Story” (Kanye explains his pain on this track)

Vol. 3 was an overall average/decent album and marks transition of when Jay-Z became Mr. Carter.  For Kanye this was viewed by many as his worst album, it was a “star player suffering a season ending injury” situation.  Kanye was dealing with the passing of his mother and a recent break up.  He chose to express emotions/pain (as well as experiment) on 808.

Winner: Vol. 3 is the winner here.  A lot people didn’t understand Kanye’s vision of 808.  You definitely have to be in a certain mind frame to appreciate/see Kanye’s vision, because this is not an album you can randomly listen to on a regular day.  Therefore Jay wins this round primarily due to replay value.

Reecie’s Feedback: I’ve stated on a previous blog post, I haven’t listened to 808s, so you already know I can’t vote at all,  I mean I can and say Jay but I’d be super biased. Other sleepers on this one are “Come and Get Me” hands down my fave after “So Ghetto”  and “Jigga My Nigga” became a favorite from the Ruff Ryder’s joint, forgot it was also a hidden track on Vol. 3. Vol. 3 had a good number of commercial/crossover songs like “Snoopy Track” and the joint with Mariah but of course the girl in me liked that one too. I only listen to about half of  the tracks on this CD now, maybe less.

Leading up to 5th album

Jay-“IZZO (H.O.V.A.)” **ironically produced by Kanye**

Jay was at the top of his game and “IZZO” was summer anthem for 2001.  Who knew a rapper (and producer) could flip a Jackson 5 beat and make it a banger??


Kanye is coming off a hiatus after the Taylor Swift thing and using “POWER” to address it and his position (power) in the industry.  The rhymes are clever and the production is a bit risky if you really listen but Kanye definitely made it work.

Winner: Both are winners, because “IZZO” was definitely a fresh sound to the hip-hop game (and introduced us to Kanye the producer).  “POWER” is just as creative and makes us all anticipate what is to come.  So they both win in my book.

Reecie’s Feedback: Ditto. I will never forget the first time I heard “IZZO”–he performed it during an award show performance before the album dropped and of course being the Hov fanantic I was I was soooo hyped because of course he mentioned VA on the track. I dug it immediately. “Power” I heard before his recent award show performance but seeing it “live” helped me appreciate it a lot more.  And the moving portrait video? I think its extremely creative and innovative.

And the Winner is:

After comparing stats/solo albums I’d personally say Kanye is better at this point when compared to Jay’s early career.  Kanye had stronger start and has been more consistent overall.  His story is genuine and original (suburban kids’ dominating the industry was unheard of before Kanye).  The fact that TCD came out the gate as a recognizable classic is what gives Kanye the edge.  Yes Jay (reluctantly) put Kanye on, but when discussion Jay early career (prior to the Blueprint) 95% of the time only RD will be referenced out of his first four albums.  Personally I believe RD was what got Jay recognized and the Blueprint was what ultimately gave him the crown.  That does not take anything from Jay’s career as a whole, but in my opinion when comparing their careers, Kanye is better than Jay was at this point in his career.

Reecie’s Feedback: Agree. Also, the collective Jay is what makes him what he is–we haven’t even touched on the greatness of The Black Album and American Gangster. Shoot even BP3 (what can I say, it grew on me) Plus just like I love Vol. 1, I also dig the select tracks from Kingdom Come and if BP2 hadn’t been a double disc, it would’ve been better too, IMO. Most people consider these as failures. All and all, I look forward to what Ye has coming down the pike.

“My big brother was Big’s brother
So here’s a few words from your kid brother
If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell em
People never get the flowers while they could still smell em
An idol in my eyes, god of the game
Heart of the city, Roc-a-fella chain
Never be the same, never be another
Number 1 Young Hov, also my big brother…”

Welp, that last quote is how I feel (yall know I love Hov).

So who would you say had/has better career when comparing the two?   Can we expect Kanye’s new album to be the next Blueprint? Please discuss/debate…


Cuz I’m back on my grind…

“money back on my mind, Ye and Killa Cam, the world is mine!”

so I just read the other day that Kanye is working on a new album–coming out this summer. June I think? all over it. my fave is Late Registration, and I briefly mentioned it in a past blog post–but I do acknowledge the impact College Dropout had on hip hop and the past decade.

I stand by my belief that Kanye is a better producer than rapper, but his flow has evolved immensely and in between albums he has put out some dope verses on remixes and features. Some featured in other posts like Kinda Like a Big Deal, Put On remix, and Run This Town.

Asshole aside, he’s genius to me. I look forward to seeing what he has to offer this go round musically.

Btw, I did NOT ever listen to 808s & Heartbreak so I cant’ speak on that but…here are some of my other faves  from his other 3 HIP HOP cds.

I’ve already blogged about Flashing Lights, We Major, Two Words, Spaceship, and Champion…here are a few more I dig! only a few being as I have already mentioned a bunch of tracks that I love!

“why is everything that’s supposed to be bad, makes me feel so good?” DAMN GOOD QUESTION.

Home has been my SHAT since I first heard of Kanye West and downloaded some advance tracks for College Dropout. this song was not put on the release and was reworked for Graduation as “Homecoming”. This version with John Legend is WAY better!

come on ya’ll knew I had to mention this cuz it features Hov! the song is hot with and without him…

stop all ya bloodclot cryin!~ Hov

“I be there in 5 minutes…5 hours later: I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” Grrr. late people irk me, I hate being late myself–but I love this song. It may be my favorite Kanye song. “hmm I’ll be on time for that!” LOL

I am realizing that I feature ‘Ye in a lot of my posts! that’s influence! I guess that makes me officially a fan, huh? lol. The relevancy of his music to my life is very evident now that I’ve typed it all out…

so what are your favorites? (I probably listed them all, I OD’d with the link backs on this post!). Looking forward to the new release?


Did you realize…

that you are a champion–in their eyes?!

“You dont see just how wild the crowd is
You dont see just how fly my style is
I dont see why I need a stylist…”

this song just came to me–so I had  to play it, then write about it. Love this!

but seriously–do you realize that you ARE A CHAMPION?!

I’m awesome because well…there are so many reasons *serious face*.  One of my little sisters hit me on bbm the other day asking me a question I really didn’t know the answer to but when said she asked me because “I know a lot, and I always put her on and drop good info” and that made me smile. I wished I knew the answer then! LOL. I told her anything that I know she will know because that’s  just how I roll.

I’m a champion because everyday I excel; whether in a major or minor way, I feel certain sense of accomplishment even if its just successfully fixing a meal- last night and made a slammin indian inspired spicy chicken and mixed veggies dish. SLAMMIN I tell you! so slammin I sent pics to the two people that matter most to me–my mama and my boo! Of course mommy is snowed in like gosh I wish I was there so you could cook for me! 🙂

“Did you realize
That you were a champion?

When it feels like living’s harder than dying
For me giving up’s way harder than trying…”

there are folks that think you are awesome, and its true! For the big and not so big contributions, we all make an impact. Therefore we are all champions. Word to Kanye.


Whats in my earbuds pt. 5

*I actually own these! and they don’t hurt my ears!*

I realized I haven’t done one of these posts in a minute. And to be honest its because I’ve been listening to a lot of older music and nothing really stood out to me to the point that I wanted to hear it over and over, thus making it post worthy. I’m gonna try to do these more often, so hopefully I’ll be inspired more often.

Top of my list is the new Raheem Devaughn mixtape Mr February aka March Madness, my inspiration. I’ve been listening to this since last Friday and I’m loving it as expected. Some of my favorites are: I’m Good (gotta love that Neptunes beat), Slow Dance, Bonita Applebum, Know What I Mean (the 50 cent have a baby joint), and Love Experience Pt. 2. If you loved the original “The Love Experience” song from his first CD, you will like that one. It also includes an unplugged version of one my favorite songs from The Love Experience, the underrated “Until”

He even has a remake of Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much.” It’s a jazzy effort, but I love Big Lutha like my play uncle so I can’t say its comparable in anyway. He actually sings it a bit too slow, IMO. There are a few other remakes but I’ll let you peep those for yourself when you download it, the link is embedded–overall it doesn’t disappoint.

Unthinkable (I’m Ready) -Alicia Keys ft. Drake This song has been on radar for a few weeks now and I always play it a few times. I have acquired her new CD  awhile ago and haven’t finished listening to it–I’m just not that interested to be honest. I’ve already told yall how I feel about Keys, I like her, and love her earlier works.

Understanding -Kidz in the Hall -Another track I’ve been on for over a month or so. when the LRG The Professional Leisure Tour mixtape dropped. I even had a lil back and forth with Naledge on twitter about the song, which basically started with a “me likey” on some #FreakyFriday ish even though it wasn’t even a Friday– however….could your pretty peach be dessert after dinner…”   yeah, its official. LOL

We Major – Kanye West.  After cosiging my homies on twitter that this was his best CD, I’ve been all over Late Registration again, which is my favorite. I love this damn song. “feeling better than head on a Sunday afternoon,  better than a chick that say yes too soon.” Plus it has Nasir on it toooooo! Another song I can’t get enough of is “Late”.  I’ve loved that song since the leaks before LR came out.

My Flame -Zo! ft. Phonte: I love the just visiting too EP, and this is one of my favorite tracks. Just smooth mellow vibe. if you are fans of the Foreign Exchange crew, check this out too if you haven’t already.

No Ceilings the entire mixtape. I don’t do Wayne at all but he kills this and I’ve been listening on and off since to it since October, still hype off it.

You remix -LLoyd ft. Andre 3000 & Nas. I’ve been on a Lloyd kick lately–he’s one of my guilty pleasures. I posted last year about how I feel he’s totally slept on, and Street Love was seriously one of my favorite CDs to come out in 07. this song, the return of 3 stacks?! loves it still. glad I decided to revisit. “I said what time you get off, she said when you get me off.”

pretty random mix; just a few things in heavy rotation over here! I haven’t heard anything too new new other than the Raheem that I’m loving like that. so let me know what have y’all been on lately? Now that my iPod mystery has been solved (just needed a new usb cord to port music) I’m ready to add some new stuff!


oooh that’s my song!

now that’s usually what I say, aloud or in my mind when I hear “the jam”. The jam is the song that for whatever reason is the one that makes you get up off your butt acting saditty poo and go on to the dance floor and do your thing. its usually the song that makes you do a bit more than the 2 step special, this one makes you really cut a rug, sing at the top of your lungs and some whatever else is your steelo.

but this post isn’t about those songs necessarily. This post is about THEME SONGS. Every woman has a song that is her ANTHEM; now I’m not talking Irreplaceable or Singles Ladies, but I mean an anthem that when you hear it you think its played

This Yo Gotti character got girls thinking they are 5 Star Chicks and, while I think the concept is hood, that’s a good example.  One of my faves used to be “Bad Bitch” by Webbie. #dontjudgeme. I have my hood moments!! lmao

But seriously here is my list, finally. REECIE’S THEME SONGS:

“That girl thinks that she’s so fine
That soon she’ll have my mind
That girl thinks that she’s so smart
That soon she’ll have my heart…

That girl thinks that she’s so bad
She’ll change my tears from joy to sad
She says she keeps the upper hand
‘Cause she can please her man
She doesn’t use her love to make him weak
She uses love to keep him strong
And inside me there’s no room for doubt
That it won’t be too long”-
That Girl, Stevie Wonder. My #1 theme song…

There She Goes– Babyface: could just be the Neptunes beat, but when I heard this song I immediately put it on “the list”

Bad Girl-Usher: those that know me already knew this one. this is also one of my in the club “oooooooh shit!” songs. gotta get up and do my thing. Sing with me: “whatchall know about a, supermodel”

Bossy-Kelis: *hangs head* I know its cliche, but this really was my song!

Being a Girl-Van Hunt: “Every once-in-awhile you meet a chile, that drives you wild, with unmistakable, downtown style…she just can’t help being a girl, she just can’t help-her-self, full of spectacle and charm like nothing else. Being a girl…”

Booty -Erykah Badu: “your booty might be bigga, but I can still pull your nigga but I don’t want him…” this damn song! Badu made this one before she got thick wit it. lol

Queen Bitch-Lil Kim: I told y’all I have my moments. this song was IT in high school. of course I still know all the words.

Flashing Lights-Kanye West: I’m not really sure why, but it is. lol

Sexy Lady-UCB: ok my DMV folks and go go heads know this…“sexy lady, give me your number giirrrrlllll, sexy lady, I wanna rock your world”. ok. you can’t tell me he isn’t singing to me when this comes on. ” damn girl you sexy as you wanna be, that mean walk…”

The One -Cee Lo ft. TI & Jazze Pha: I have blogged about this song a couple times, but its seriously my MF’in jam. like I love this song so much I can’t even explain it.  First time I heard this I was in the club in St, Louis and everyone was putting their “ones” in the air and I was like, well alright! lol. had to come home and download it. I’ll just post my favorite lyrics because they just rock. lol

It’s our privilege, to have had this conversation
It’s our privilege, and to have had this relation
It’s our privilege, I been searching all evening
For somebody who can and finally sent me the one
It’s our privilege, to have made you laugh
It’s our privilege, and to have crossed your path
It’s our privilege, you’re the star yes you are
Can have your autograph cuz you lookin like THE ONE
It’s our privilege, to have seen your face
It’s our privilege, and I bet you taste so good, let’s get one thing understood
I’ll be good yes I would, especially for the one

^^ no, Cee-lo isnt’ fine but he’s singing that part to me. I promise. I imagine it as him singing on behalf of TI though. ;-p

Others mentioned on other blog posts have been Wanna Love you Girl, Prototype, She Got Her Own, Sometimes,  Muah, PYT, Be Happy…I mean, you know a good song when you hear it, right? I don’t really have or need a lot of people gas me up in life–because I gas myself. no harm in that is it? nope. *pats self on the back and keeps dancing*

“she’s the kinda girl you wanna marry, the kinda you  walk the whole earth for, put her on your back and just carry, her attitude is hotter than the earth’s core…”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Do men have theme songs?! just curious…


Two Words….


Two words, United States, no love, no brakes
Low brow, high stakes, crack smoke, black folks
Big Macs, fat folks, ecstasy capsules
Presidential scandals, everybody MOVE
Two words, Mos Def, K West, hot shit
Calm down, get back, ghetto people, got this
Game ball, lock shit, dump off, cock shit
We won’t stop shit, everybody MOVE

I was just debating classic hip hop albums with a few friends last week after watching JD’s Living the Life vlog about hip hop heavyweights. I won’t get into that discussion because its deep,  its personal, and quite frankly I don’t think I’ll ever agree with most people. LOL. Anybody that  knows me knows how much I stan for Jay Z. He’s my favorite and that doesn’t make him the greatest– no, but he’s one of the best to ever do it. IN MY OPINION. So to me he’s a super heavy weight. But this blog isn’t about him…today, lol. One of my first blog posts was about Biggie and Pac and I kinda don’t want to revisit the topic since it isn’t about them today EITHER!

anyway, folks that commented on the youtube vid were throwing out Kanye as a heavyweight. I think he’s a better producer than lyricist, which is different than artist/entertainer TO ME. As an artist/entertainer he makes hot music…and according to JD’s criteria, one classic album makes you a heavyweight. College Dropout is that classic. I was telling my babe that Two Words was one of my favorite songs on the CD, if not the favorite. so today when I found the video I got excited…had to share. Props to Google Reader because I would have never even known about the site it was posted on if I hadn’t been “browsing for stuff”.

I now have a new site to follow Honey Soul Music.

check the vid: I love me some Mos Def….I truly think he’s one of the best out….and Freeway is crazy too! Well, he used to be.


Vodpod videos no longer available.