The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I may be young in age…

…But I know I’m in love
I don’t care what they say
They don’t know a thing about us
Cause you’ve got my back and I’ve got your trust
I’m not trying to see you without…

I can’t see me without you
I can’t see no you without me
That’s something
I can’t conceive
Cause there’s no me without you

this song came on as I stepped off the train to head my way home and I got filled up! filled up with that great extraordinary feeling  that comes with a song you can’t help but exude good memories, good vibes, just a GOOD MOOD! There are some songs that just DO IT for me, another I featured awhile back  includes “Stay” by Ne-Yo. no matter how I’m feeling in my present moment, it just makes me happy and hopeful and epitomizes what life is about—those joyful, fun moments.

Ain’t no you without me
And that’s for real baby
And ain’t no you without you
So what’s the deal baby
And I got five little fellas trying to talk to me (say what)
But see my mind is on you so it don’t matter to me

This lil rap verse by Missy was so “young” but I love it though. lol

This song featured I actually have mentioned on a throwback thursday post before with a few others. It deserves a solo post today because it actually is the song I designated as “our song” for myself and my high school boyfriend wayyyyyy long time ago. *giggle* Back then, I had Nicole’s debut CD Make it Hot on repeat. Released in 1998, she was one of the many protege’s of Missy Elliott which was enough for her to get a purchase from me–plus back then I was in BMG and Columbia House music club heaven. While this song was never a super popular single, it was one of my favorites immediately. *sigh*  The lyrics, however simple, still express some 13 years later a great sentiment.  I have listened to this song non stop since I’ve gotten home as I write this post. I LOVE THIS SONG! I have no idea if I ever even told my then bf if this was “our song” and as time has gone on, it doesn’t even so much remind me of the relationship, as it does my youth, my hopeless romantic spirit, and just happiness.

I can’t see, I can’t see, nobody but you and me… 

What about you: do you have a song that reminds you of  your “puppy” love? A song that no matter how you’re feeling, fills you up and takes you to that place?


Hot Like Fire

You’re hotter than summer Day, in California.
Ya got me meltin like a sundae, and I want ya.
I know you’ve been wait-you’ve been waitin a long time for me.
But if you wait a little while longer this is how it’ll be….

Oh it’s gonna be, hot like fire….
(I’m gonna take you) take you higher

you cant resist, (one day)

kiss, kiss, and kiss and kiss and kiss…

its a heat wave!!!! I remember I blogged about the rain once, but now I’m here to talk about the heat…..

not much to say but I’m OD’ing on smoothies, milkshakes and of course h2o trying to keep cool! hope you are doing the same!!!

check out some of my favorite songs with the “heat”:

This wasn’t my favorite version of the song….I prefer the album cut, but Aaliyah’s my girl. Rest in peace, Baby Girl!

“can I get another shot, this time I’ma make ya hot…”

same crew….down with Missy and Timbo. I loved her debut CD.

Now Missy had a few “hot” songs out, but this is my favorite. still gets regular play–I mean, Nas? Q-Tip? Eve? Lil Mo? I can’t think of a Missy song with so many collabos that’s “hotter”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and I can’t speak on being hot without mentioning some faves from the Hot Boyz…

Look at Lil Wayne!!!! awwww.  look at those bird chests. LMAO. and my baby Turk.  Aww that video got me hyped for a lil bit.

“whatcha need boy….I need a hot girl”

ending with some throw back Clipse “hot damn! its a new day…”

looking forward to their new joint too…

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