The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I don’t understand why…

…we should fight for love, either it aint or it is. it either aint or it is

I don’t want to be a soldier anymore,

because the war never ends, and no one ever wins…

I don’t understand why we should fight for love, either it aint or it is……

I guess that I am not as strong, as I pretend to be….


I listened to this CD–the latest from The Foreign Exchange Authenticity a few times, but it wasn’t until I heard it in my car recently–and this song in particular came on that I really said well gatdamn, those are some GOOD lyrics. That soldier line is how I feel absolutely about love and about life in general. I am a lover, not a fighter. I mean…I definitely have some fight in me, but who the hell wants to fight all the time? who ENJOYS that? metaphorically and literally I couldn’t be a soldier, or in any armed forces–just not my thing.

Moving on…this is a great mellow cd, in the same vein as Leave it All Behind, it totally flows from beginning to end. I wanted to put the entire lyrics to this song on the blog–but I’m lazy so just take my word for it and listen to the song for yourself.

The subject matter for the CD is  of course love. The ups and downs and the little nuances of relationships. Well I should say the downs and ups–as it starts on  somber note with “The Last Fall” with lines like–so what is the use? I’m never gonna love again…

The lyrics are real and the entire CD very honest–authentic! so it works. That’s one of the things that made me fall in love with Phonte even in the LB days–the realness and honesty of his lyrics.

Maybe She’ll Dream of Me” was the lead single and has a nice groove that I dig as well. Very romantic. This is the point of the CD where things start to turn upwards.

My absolute favorite from the very first listen, which features Darien Brockington  is “Don’t Wait.”

Laughing At Your Plans” spoke to me also because I’m always planning something. Its just what I do, my little way to exhibit control, when I really can’t control anything or anyone but self. I always remind myself of that saying “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” so yeah I’m sure He laughs at me often. Yet I still make the plans. This song makes me think of that…

I will now revisit all of The Foreign Exchange’s projects–Connected, Leave it all Behind and Authenticity to see how they flow together. Their first CD is very much more hip hop, but the instrumentation from Nicolay remains crisp, clean and even sexy. To me. I could listen to all of the tracks without the lyrics… THIS IS MUSIC!

I won’t list all the songs  on Authenticity because they all are very good, so suffice it to say if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. If you loved LIAB, you will love this too. Also, if you are a new listener this is still a good place to start.

Fellow FE fans– I won’t even ask if you love it, because I already know that you do. So, what are your favorite tracks so far?


That New New…

“they call me New New, because I rock the new, NEW shit….”

I haven’t been in a mood to write really, but I have been in a mood for music! its an iffy mood though. I’m a hip hop head, lots of hip hop out, but I want to be in a more soul mood. just hard for me to get into something really really good right now.

one NEW cd I am digging is Laura Izibor’s Let the Truth Be Told. I looooove her voice. I actually heard her first on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.  See, black radio ain’t so bad (*insert side eye*) They often play her song “From My Heart To Yours” and it took me a while to realize the artist. so I found a lil buzz on her and I actually paid for her bonus track CD from iTunes. now, Reece is kinda like a pirate (shhh! don’t tell nobody…else) so me buying this is kinda like a big deal. I may go in the store and buy a copy too. That’s how much I like it, and her. Her voice and sound reminds me of Emily King–but they don’t sing the same, if that makes sense. little inflections vary, I’m not a vocal coach or a singer so I don’t know what its called exactly, pitch maybe? tone? either way its not the same, but the SOUND is similar. yeah, the sound. If you like EK, you might dig LI.

Speaking of dope females, there’s this chick Melania Fiona, that has a hot single out I like. (you might want to click that link to see the video–I’m just saying).  She’s supposed to be making a mixtape with ?uestlove–and I looooooooooves dude so I’m checking for that and its not even out yet. I’m on the lookout for it though.

I just recently  heard of Chester Gregory from two favorite blogs I read regularly: Stuff Fly People Like and Soulbounce, so I’m checking out his new mixtape  called Breakbeat Karoake.  Heard a couple of the tracks so far and its nice.  he’s covering classic beats, so definitely check it out. He already has a name for himself on Broadway, and a lot of big names are holding him down. If I really really dig this mixtape I may purchase his current CD out too, on iTunes called  In Search of High Love.

I also have this Raheem Devaughn mixtape in rotation, came out last week or so? The Art Of Noise.  yeah, well ya’ll know Raheem is my man….so I was all over it. I’m looking forward to his double disc coming out later this year.

Of course I’m waiting for the new Maxwell. I will be getting me a HARD COPY cd of BLACKsummer’snight. yes indeedy, I will. gonna put the cover and whatnot in that big old cd book I have that ‘s collecting dust in my spare bedroom.

I have not heard all of the new Wale Mixtape yet, but I looove Wale, and love 9th Wonder, so I’m on it. I’m previewing it as I type this… far heard the joints with Curren$y, K’Naan, and Bleek….shout to my homie Streetz for hooking me up with the link!

Also, some gems for my fam. I’m checking for group called Allmanact. My homeboy from waaaay back in the day is an emcee in this group and bought the CD to support my fam. I’m waiting on it snail mail–I know I couldve got a digital download, but eh, I wanted a real copy. check my folk out, because well, they are nice, and I asked nicely too.  check the link and see for yourself!

that’s the new new, that I’m checking for right now! anybody else you think I should be on, please let me know. If you know  me you know what I’m into and what I’m not–so dont’ send me no Soulja Boy, Gucci, or OJ. I’m just saying! kthanx. I’d love some more soul music, and less hip hop, but if its rap and not those three people just mentioned I MIGHT give it a whirl…..

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