The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Da Art of Storytellin’

“…but in spite all of the bullshit we on our back staring at the stars above (aww man) Talkin bout what we gonna be when we grow up I said what you wanna be, she said, “Alive”
It made me think for a minute, then looked in her eyes…”

My first song of the morning. I knew I wanted to write today, but wasn’t sure what about exactly–then this song inspired me. I don’t talk about them often, but Outkast is one of my favorite groups. I am of course partial to mostly east coast hip hop but I loved Outkast immediately. The first time I heard Players Ball and Southernplayalistic…dope. But anyways this song, titled above, I love because Andre 3000 tells a good story–his verse made me think and it made me love them even more, and of course it features Slick Rick, who is known as “The Storyteller”.

Thinking about this song, and on the slight buzz of Hip Hop Honors last night–just had me feeling very nostalgic for the music I grew up listening too. It made me realize I really appreciate hip hop that tells a story, something that is so lyrically on point yet gives you introduction, body and conclusion. I mean anyone can rap–and have a nice flow about BS, but what are you exactly saying?! if its lyrically tight and the flow is on point? If I can close my eyes and SEE it?  Which brings me to one of my favorites, BIG. I love Big because he was great at telling a story. I mean one of my favorites–I Got A Story to  Tell. Warning? What’s Beef? so many songs.

But back to Kast. Aquemini is my favorite album of theirs, ATLiens close second. So most of my favorites will be from these two, even though I rocked with their debut, and Speakerboxx/The Love Below–I can’t say I was too strong on Stankonia or Idlewild. sorry. I posted awhile ago about Goodie Mob and their Dungeon Family crew–and nobody commented on that post *click here*, which was pretty strange to me, but anyway…

Elevators: do I really have to even explain why I love this? I remember when this came out it was so fresh, NOTHING was out like this. Nothing. it was just so unique and I loved it. And if for nothing else this one line “if you don’t  move yo feet then I don’t eat, so we like neck to neck, yes we done come a long way like them slim ass cigarettes, from Virginia, this aint gon stop, so we just gon’ still continue..”

Spottieottiedopalicious: this is probably my favorite Outkast song, if I had to choose one–its that storytelling! He’s not even rapping on this song, but the music is so dope. I think if I ever met Andre 3000 and he started talking to me, this beat would be playing in my head. have mercy! lol and Big Boi’s verse is hilarious.

Benz or Beamer: from the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack. cool video. the debut of the bankhead bounce!!!

Rosa Parks: a true dance song. I can’t hear this and not want to move…I think this was when I first really heard of “crunk”.

ATLiens: “I’m cooler than a polar bear’s toenails”. I really say this often in my regular life. lol

Skew it on the Bar-B: classic collabo, yall know I effs with Raeqwon! oh 3 stacks flow was so sick on this!

Return of the “G”: “peace my brother peace…but everytime I tried to get a peace of mind, niggas try to get a piece of mine, so I gotta grab my piece…”

Prototype: blogged about this one before too, its not hip hop but who the hell cares! lol.

The Way You Move: another dance track. and love Big Boi’s flow.and I just love the hell outta Sleepy Brown. Where is he? “I can’t wait” is my jam! still.  I’m really gonna go buy his new CD when it comes out (I think) cuz that’s my dude.

Hollywood Divorce: dope track, dope features. only really good ish on Idlewild. lmao

So Fresh, So Clean: this song always makes me think of my block show, this was one of our line’s greeting songs. Never forget that day, we were so hyped for our intro on this! moving on…ok so there’s ONE song from Stankonia.

and here’s another song from Stankonia, I liked it but it really wasn’t a favorite. This is back when you could make songs about your ex thats also in the industry and it not be messy.

“you can plan a pretty picnic but  you can’t predict the weather”

“forever, forever ever? forever ever?” -another classic line. *sigh* I miss college. and good hip hop! viva la 90’s!

I know I left out a lot, so what are you favorite OutKast songs?


Peek a boo

Me and my family moved in our apartment complex
A gate with the serial code was put up next
The claim that this community is so drug free
But it dont look that way to me cause I can see
The young bloods hanging out at the sto 24/7
Junkies looking got a hit of the blo its powerful
Oh you know what else they tryin to do
Make a curfew especially for me and you the traces of the new world order
Time is getting shorter if we dont get prepared
People its gone be a slaughter
My mind wont allow me to not be curious
My folk dont understand so they dont take it serious
But every now and then, I wonder
If the gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep our ass in

Whos that peeking in my window
Pow nobody now!

I remember the first time I heard this song I was immediately taken in by the beat. just…ill. I liked the goodie mob immediately. Of course back in the mid 90s I was a Outkast fan, so naturally I was down with the rest of the Dungeon Family.  My favorites were Khujo and Cee Lo. I liked Gipp and of course thought T-Mo was cute. I liked his verse best in Soul Food.

For years folks been wondering about a Goodie Mob reunion, which I heard is pretty much never gonna happen. I have enjoyed Cee-Lo’s solo music and even dig Gnarles Barkley…but its something about Goodie Mob that I will always miss. I wish they would reunite. Cee Lo likes to sing and whatnot now, but dude was nice lyrically.

check some of my other favorites by Goodie Mob, Dungeon Family and my certified Cee Lo banger:

what happened to Cool Breeze?! this song was my jam!!! man that beat!!!! whoowee! *sigh this got me missing me some Big Boi toooooooo! T-Mo went hard on this one too….

“all they do is dis….all they do is dis…”

I didn’t even know it was a video to this! LMAO!

now the very last….this is MY.MUTHAEFFIN.SONG.

this is still one of my theme songs…..*puts my finger in the air*


I hope that you’re the one….

if not, you are the prototype….

we’ll tip toe to the sun, and do thangs

I know you’ll like….

I think I’m in loooooove again….

What is the prototype?  THE original. How do you know if someone is the one OR the original? just random thoughts. don’t you think everyone you are with is ‘the one’ at the time? I mean, dontcha?

I remember the first time I heard this song, was I in love? na,  I think I was in the beginning of something. I thought I had the one. something original. he wasn’t the one, but it definitely was original. every pairing is–just not THE one to shut it all down. eh.

I love being in love, and I think this song just reminds you of that dreamy floating feeling. that’s not love really. that’s lust. nirvana.

somebody said this once: love is a choice. Not sure at all what that has to do with music, or the song, but its true. what I also know is that this video kinda sucked. I mean….you tell me.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I do know not THINK that I love Andre 3000, and I’m awaiting new music, solo or Outkast projects. I’m missing them.

I feel like tiptoeing to the sun, basking in the heat, who cares if it burns a little bit?

check out Jazmine’s version….