The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Take it off…

I’m a master baby with ya bra…

so this song isn’t of typical #freakyfriday fashion but I had to feature it. it is HILARIOUS  to me!

I love Pharrell. and the first time I heard this I dug it because of the production first. then his vocals. yeah he can’t really sing…but what he does works for him. if The Dream can have a singing career, so can Skateboard P!

This picture has nothing to do with the post but him fine and I love that royal purple on him! #thatisall

so some lyrics for those of you that may not be familiar with this one:

You breathe while your laughing
Smiling at what just happened
I try to keep it simple
Cuz I know that you’re old fashion
You wanna be wild (wanna be wild)
You don’t wanna be tamed (don’t wanna be tamed)
Even though you’re just a prize, (just a prize)
You wanna come again (you wanna come again)

Take it off now girl, take it off
(I can help you slide those panties off)
Take it off now girl, take it off
(Damn, that bootie’s so soft)
Take it off now girl, take it off
(It feels so good in my palms)
Dim the lights down baby, dim the lights
We gon’ double your heart great form lady, just dim the lights
(…I’m a beat the pussy like you never ever felt before)
Dim the lights down baby, just dim the lights
We gon’ double your heart great form lady, just dim the lights
(…I’m a beat the pussy like you never ever felt before)

isn’t this ridiculous?! ahhh. I would never choose this as “mood music” but maybe if I had an instrumental…hmm. it IS pretty mellow.

and just for the hell of it another Pharrell banger (to me) from the underrated production gem In My Mind.

gotta love Pusha T.

I can’t be the only person on the planet (outside my homie JT that this post is dedicated to) that have heard these songs?!

Did you buy/acquire In My Mind? it really was a banger! are you a Pharrell/Neptunes/NERD fan?


You can find me in the streets…

even in the drought,
my mattress is full
why shouldn’t I be out?
hey, buddy,
i’m good
(what they tell you?) I’m good
(what they tell you?) I’m good
(what she tell you?) I’m good

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is my feel good song. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, when I hear it “I’m good!”

here are some other favorites by or featuring The Clipse (or just Pusha), in no particular order:

Stay With Me: one of my faves, if not the fave on Pharrell’s In My Mind

Hot Damn

Mr. Me Too: “I know what you thinkin why I call you me too, Cause everything I say, I got you sayin me too”


Everybody Nose Remix: Kanye does his thing on this one! Lupe too. I love them all. lol

What happened to That Boy: only song by Baby that I like. lol

When The Last Time: “top down, chrome spinnin!”

Kinda like a Big Deal: this song goes so hard!!! again Kanye does his thing. can’t be mad at it.


of course the collabos with Pharrell/Neptunes are the best. I know they aren’t signed to Star Trak anymore, but seriously they should never stop making music together!!! those Virginia boys make some bangers!!!


In my earbuds….favorite songs this week…

I haven’t really heard any new new music this week that I immediately loved, most of the songs I’ve been feeling out for a couple weeks now that are officially my favorites for some reason….. In a pretty upbeat mood this week:

Blame it On me -Chrisette Michele. This one is actually new, from Epiphany. I love the CD and this is one of my favorites…..I feel the words of this song, I’ve been there.  this is the only really slow kinda sad song I’m feeling this week….

Kinda  like a Big Deal – Clipse. Heard this one a few weeks ago, and it still bangs. two up two down and all that. I like Kanye on this one too.

Turn My Swag On remix -Keri Hilson. I dig Keri, and while I hate SoujaBoytellem,  the hook is catchy so I prefer her voice on this lil remix.

“if you been hating, just be mad at yourself…I bet you think this song is about you…. don’t you? I did it without you..”

So Much Swagg -Oceans 7. Okay the song isn’t that great, but I looooooves Johnta, Trey and the entire Oceans crew.  Bow Wow actually went in lil bit on his verse. I’m not a Bow Wow fan though. I promise. LOL. I can’t wait for the mixtape to come out. I’m so on it!

Punch Drunk Love Remix -Common ft. Pharrell.  This isn’t new at all, but I looooooooove this. I can’t stop loving it. hmmm. Common, you got me feeling some type of way. ” I knock and I knock…can I come inside, I feel like its  home when I’m in between your thighs”. hmmm.  “I come from the chi, so in I go, turn around its about to be a TKO”….uhhhh. yeah. the rhymes are pretty simple but it doesn’t even matter! whoooo I love Common and Pharrell.

Best I ever had -Drake. Its like I don’t even want to like it  anymore since everyone likes it now. I heard it on the radio at home! the radio! I’m happy for Drizzy, clearly I don’t hear him on radio in Tally so….its a good look for him.

Underground Kingz -Naledge ft. Fooch. Naledge is my dude, of course I love Kidz in the Hall….. It took me WEEKS to figure out the beat was from Raheem Devaughn’s The Love Experience…..but now I’m on it. The Cool Guys Always Finish First mixtape was good, just one of my favorites this year so far….

Get Your Money Up -Keri again. I liked this song the minute I heard it. Love Keysh, and Trina is just eh. I wouldve preferred Eve on the track  if we had to have a female rapper…..

Say Hello-Jay Z. because I never get tired of Jigga. I still love this song!!!! “they say I’m a menace, that’s the the picture they paint…they say a lot about me, let me tell you what I ain’t…”

I found a link from the Heart of the City tour and was about to cry. I’m still salty that I missed it. Okay, I’m over it.

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