The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

When I holler at you…

“I don’t mean it…when I say that we’re through…I don’t mean it…”

I haven’t been inspired to write in awhile. from just being on twitter too much–that’s my story and I’m sticking to it–to traveling and just living my life away from the blog. I didn’t feel like blogging. And even though I constantly listen to music–I didn’t really hear anything post worthy.  But I will get back into my regular posts so I’ll be kicking off a long overdue #freakyfriday tomorrow as well.

so anyway this song. I’m at work now, minding my biz and this comes on and I stop and do the head sway. you know the “yessss” as SOON as the beat dropped. Because it is sick and because I love this song. I know lots of folks don’t dig Kells anymore. I haven’t really truly LOVED his music since this  CD: simply put, it was the bomb!

and he has two versions of “I Don’t Mean It” on the CD. But this version is absolutely the winner, in my eyes.

some lyrics:

I’ve been slowly, slowly bringing you down
No conversation, no good sex in a while
But still you search and find a way
To love me somehow
Even though I ride, you still trust me somehow
Got my faces, some ice and a tie

Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly goin’ down

(I don’t mean it) When I holler at you
(I don’t mean it) When I say that we’re through
(I don’t mean it) What I’m takin’ you through
(I don’t mean it) Baby
(I don’t mean it) Said I’m sorry
(I don’t mean it)

…There’s times that I didn’t hear you
I was talkin’ too loud
When I didn’t come home
I was hanging with the crowd
Whenever we fight I try to win every round
Can you find a way to forgive me now…

even this song is from the male POV, I can relate because I can be. well, I can be a handful. lol. I know what its like to know you are being difficult but somehow your partner finds the way to see beyond that and continue to love you anyway.

I also love the chorus because even though *I* personally think people say exactly what they mean–I know sometimes folks say whatever they think will get a reaction of out their SO, and then  afterwards say “I don’t mean it”. It really goes both ways. Also, I just love the conviction in his voice. I like the part when he’s talking to God *side eye* and he says:

Stop making excuses, recognize the love she gives and try not to abuse it”. I think its a good lesson personally. do better and appreciate what you have.

“what was straight is now slanted…because I took your love for granted” Hmm.

*sigh* I miss when R. Kelly made good music. but I’m okay with him not making anymore for the rest of my life. lol. I’ll just listen to everything 2003 and back.


I can’t believe this but…

but I can’t stop listening to “LOL smiley face”. ugh. I hate me. LOL. Gucci’s verse isn’t even that bad, but Souja boy, iCan’t do it to myself. he sucks.

I feel like having a Throwback Thursday, who’s with me?!

ok what’s on my the soundtrack today….let’s hit the 90’s music mix on the ipod and see what comes up…

Spread My Wings-Troop! ok I looooooved this song. I  remember my cousin Jason and I would sing this song and dance like fools!

All of My  Days -Changing Faces ft. R. Kelly & Jay Z: you really can’t lose with this song! its featuring Kells and Jay! greatness. I remember being in 7th grade and my classmate Cassaundra and I would joke and call ourselves Changing Faces.

Award Tour -A Tribe Called Quest: I love this song. and they don’t shout out VA until the very end!

Call Me -Too Short & Lil Kim: this song, this song, this song. I swear I didn’t pick ANY of these songs, they came on shuffle, LOL. I still know all the words. I was a big Kim fan back in the day, when it was cool to be crass. This is one of the nastiest songs of my youth.


well there we go! enough for today. Today is my Friday so I’ll wish everyone a happy labor day weekend now!