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What’s in my earbuds pt. 8


As things go I get in a mood of sorts  and tend to only listen to a lot of older music.  But I have found a few new things that I enjoy. Peep what’s in heavy rotation for me right now. A mix of pop, R&B and hip hop. per usual.

21 ~ Adele. The sophomore effort from Ms. Adele is a banger! I thought of doing a separate review of this album but then I got lazy, and started listening to other stuff (featured below) but this is still very much in my current rotation–hence its inclusion on this post. Some of my favorites are the lead single “Rolling in the Deep” ” Don’t You Remember”Take it All” and “Lovesong.” Also, “He Won’t Go” which is my absolute favorite on the album.

Late Nights and Early Mornings: Marsha Ambrosius’ highly anticipated album is here! and uhm, I like it. I don’t love it though. But its good music. The intro is hot, “Anticipation” captures my attention immediately, and is a good segue into “With You”  which is super sexy. My favorites are the title track, “Late Nights and Early Mornings” another sexy track and #freakyfriday official, as well as  “Far Away” “Lose Myself” and “I Want You to Stay.”    The CD definitely flows from beginning to end, but I prefer the first half of it, and it just didn’t really blow me away even after listening several times. I’m surprised there weren’t more sexy bangers on this album, I’d say about 3 out of 13 isn’t a bad number but I mean Floetry was pretty much known for the sexy jams and some of my favorite features from Ms. Marsha with artists like Jamie Foxx and Raheem Devaughn have been audio intercourse. Hmm, I guess with the SexTapes that she released previously she didn’t want to saturate the album that way.

It’s Love EP ~ Corinne Bailey Rae. a quick little joint featuring some covers. my fave is Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Que Sera Sera” Click on the cover to sample/preview the tracks.

and for a few singles:

“I’m Beaming remix” ~ All City Chess Club. This isn’t new, but I listened to B.o.B.’s No Genre mixtape awhile back then forgot about it. However on a shuffle in my ipod I came across this track again and its been on repeat ever since. The original Lupe song is dope (I’m totally about to be a Lupe stan again and am soooo looking forward to LASERS–I might even go buy a physical copy to put with my collection of his other CDs) but the remix featuring Diggy Simmons, B.o.B., The Cool Kids, Asher Roth, Blu, Dosage, and Charles Hamilton–a mouthful! and not in that order,  is super dope. I think I dig Asher, Blu and Dosage the most on the track, but they all did their thing. Gotta love that Neptunes production.

“I Don’t Deserve You”~ Lloyd Banks ft. Jeremih. now I am not really a huge fan of either artist, but I do have a few Lloyd Banks bangers on my ipod–no full albums and nothing from the young crooner Jeremih. However this collabo works for me, its def a chick appeal song and I always love those. I do imagine a man is singing this directly to me whenever I hear it. I have to listen to it at least 3 times in a row.

“Hustle Hard remix” ~ Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. this song! I don’t even do those guys like that but you can’t deny they pretty much wreck shit on collabos and remixes. I gotta say I like Wayne’s verse the best. This beat just goes so hard, and that hook just is super catchy. There are a few more remixes floating out there and even versions with others jacking the beat such as Young Jeezy and Joel Ortiz.

“My God” ~ Pusha T. our fave half of The Clipse does what he always does. crisp flawless lyrics over any beat. I mean its so effortless for the youngest Mr. Thornton.

There’ll be no waiting, I have no patience
This is the end of all my unrecognized greatness
I’m here now nigga pardon my lateness
You can hear in every bar and every cadence
Yeah, it’s the new God flow aint it?
The last supper for you niggas now repainted
Take position on the chess board and re-arrange it
Face to face with the truth get re-acquainted…

so, what’s new with yall? any thing in particular you are banging out on repeat? let me know.


What’s in my earbuds: summer edition

2010 has been a great year musically. waaaay better than 2009. like by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, in my opinion.

This summer has been a scorcher–literally and musically. And the fall hopes to bring even more awesomeness our way as the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED next album by The Foreign Exchange Authenticity is coming out right after my birthday. I think I may actually go cop a hard copy of this one. If not, definitely an iTunes purchase like I did for LIAB.

as the summer ends– though not quite yet really for us in the Sunshine State 🙂 allow me to share with you some of the music that has been my summer’s soundtrack:

Thank Me Later. I know, I know. But I really did bump this. It still would be in my car but I gave my CD to someone just for him to tell me he hated it–LMAO. Twitter made a mockery with #OhYouFancyHuh but anybody that knows me knows that “even when I used to rock Polo, I was fancy” so…yeah, nothing new to a G! lol. People pretty much either loved or hated TML. In addition to “Fancy” which is pretty much played out from oversaturation aka folks running stuff in the ground–I enjoy “Unforgettable”  “Up All Night”—and while I am not a Nicki Minaj fan, when she said “I look like yes and you look like no” I laughed.  Been saying it ever since. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT? That verse was missing her usual antics–what I’ve seen many refer to as the ODB flow homage–I’m not calling it that though, because I like ODB, lol.  “Light Up” was a dope track as well and the surprise banger favorite for me is “Miss Me.” I’m not the biggest Weezy fan either–I either prefer Hot Boyz simple rapping of the early 2000s or mixtape Weezy but he spit on this one.

Teflon Don. I mean who wasn’t bumping this when it first dropped? I just removed it from the car CD player maybe last week. Seriously. The only other Rick Ross joint I have ever acquired was Deeper than Rap, and I thought it was pretty decent too. I still wouldnt’ consider myself a serious fan, more like a casual listener. I didn’t care who he was outside of radio/club singles until I moved to FL.  I moved at the height of “I’m So hood” and all things Khaled and T-Pain so of course I became more involved with Rozay–not necessarily by choice either, lol. Teflon Don sounds like a movie to me! I visualize music, and this album definitely makes it easy. Crisp instrumentation, soulful melodies. Just dope–I can’t front on it. I think “Tears of Joy” with Cee-Lo may be my favorite. As well as “Maybach Music III. ” Of course Hov goes off on “Free Mason” and Ye gets it in “Live Fast, Die Young.” Super High was a fave from the earlier mixtape that talks about all that flashy ish that and of course I love Ne-Yo’s voice, even though Ross definitely overdid it with the bitches. No comment on BMF and MC Hammer aka the same song with different lyrics. I’on wanna be none of them n*ggas. Yeah I said it. Consider me contrary. lol


More About Nothing. People that talked music with me before I started the blog know how much of a Wale fan I am. Was? Am. Yeah. I’m still a fan. I loved all his mixtape music and this one is no exception. Part 2 to the acclaimed Mixtape about Nothing, this one is even better, I believe. As soon as the beat drops on “The Problem”–sampling the OG pretty boy El Debarge, I knew I was in for a treat. All the ladies that love a good sexy joint have been keeping “The Trip (Downtown)” on repeat. Others I love are  “The Soup” “The Breeze” “The MC” and “The War.”

Summertime: The Mixtape. I was late to this one, like summer is pretty much over! but better late than never. I had heard buzz here and there but just got lazy with downloading–you ever been overwhelmed with new music? not knowing what to cop? thats me. Plus my laptop’s hard drive is diminishing by the seconds and I have to always remember to hook up the external HD just to get my music fix. Anywho, I have quite a few Jazzy Jeff joints in my collection and I knew I wouldnt’ be disappointed by this collab with Mick Boogie (have a few joints by him as well). Also, if you ever have the chance to go to a DJ Jazzy Jeff party–please go! OMG I went during CIAA in 09 and we danced nonstop. With bangers by Kool and the Gang, The Commodores, Michael Jackson, Nas, LL Cool J, ATCQ, Jodeci, Dilla…I mean the list goes on and on, and its a niiiice blend. check it out here.

Sunstorm.After vibin to the classics featured on the Summertime Mixtape, I had to round it out and end this with some soulful R&B. Hip hop typically dominates my summers for some reason–something about having your windows down blasting it, but I did enjoy this Zo! project as well. Its like when I’m tired of the hard hitting, I need this to calm me down, mellow things out. The Foreign Exchange affiliate teams up with the usual Phonte, Yazarah, Darien Brockington, Carlitta Durand and other features as well such as Jesse Boykins III, Eric Roberson, and more. It really is just beautiful music and it makes me happy. Which is what music is supposed to do! “This Could Be The Night” is two step official, and “Make Luv 2 Me” is #freakyfriday official. Sooo sensual. Its hard to choose favorites because this knocks from beginning to end. If by some crazy chance you’ve never heard of Zo! check out more about him here.

There are a lot more selections I have peeped this season–such as the new Roots, and I’ve been rocking out to MJ too since the good folks at Soulbounce dropped a few nice compilation mixes as they declared this The Summer of Michael Jackson. So I’ve been indulging in a few aural delights, however the music featured above is what has/had been in the heaviest rotation.

So tell me, what were your favorite summer jams? Are you looking forward to more good music coming out in the fall? In addition to The Foreign Exchange project, I’m looking forward to Ne-Yo and Jazmine Sullivan’s projects. Let me know in the comments.