The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I know its hot outside…

and these will not cool you off! Might as well keep it hot indoors as well…

I’d like to dedicate this #freakyfriday to the heat wave scorching up the East Coast. You know I’m pretty much laughing at the same folks that were crying about the snow earlier this year–DC Metro I’m looking at you– that are now crying about the summer heat. it’s summer!  Become one with your A/C, stay hydrated, in the shade, and shut up about it 🙂  I do feel bad for those without air conditioning so please check on the elderly and the young. #PSAover.

ok on to the music. some freaky jams that just came to me…felt like sharing..

this is GOOD Usher. dig the Prince influence. and of course Usher can pull it off well because he has the vocals. “Do it to me, I guarantee you won’t regret it, let me set it out like you aint never had it” #welldamn

a Robin Thicke oldie but goodie, because I’ve already said a million times over– I LOVE HIM. While I’m not a fan of the latest CD save a couple songs here and there, I do still love him. “You’ve been a bad girl, I’m gonna have to straighten you out. Someone’s gonna have to teach you teach you teach you…you can call me professor…”

and to round it out with a woman, a woman that is a master in the arts of sensuality my home girl from Philly Philly!

Honey molasses, ebony majesty
Chocolate brown sugar, sweet epiphany…

…the night before you were in my home, my body, my dome
In a circle of passion we Paris Italy Japan Africa Rome
We made music, we tromboooooone
It was magic the way it happened
Pure electricity…

beautiful woman. awesome voice.

(click on the photo for the song…attached to an “interesting” video but it was all YT had, lol)

Jill has a way with words that I can’t even begin to explain how I FEEL them. I remember the first time I heard this song  (interlude?) that I knew it was something special. The music alone exudes sex. I’m a fan. lol

I like it a little warm on Fridays, just a little bit. Have a good weekend everybody. stay cool…


oooh that’s my song!

now that’s usually what I say, aloud or in my mind when I hear “the jam”. The jam is the song that for whatever reason is the one that makes you get up off your butt acting saditty poo and go on to the dance floor and do your thing. its usually the song that makes you do a bit more than the 2 step special, this one makes you really cut a rug, sing at the top of your lungs and some whatever else is your steelo.

but this post isn’t about those songs necessarily. This post is about THEME SONGS. Every woman has a song that is her ANTHEM; now I’m not talking Irreplaceable or Singles Ladies, but I mean an anthem that when you hear it you think its played

This Yo Gotti character got girls thinking they are 5 Star Chicks and, while I think the concept is hood, that’s a good example.  One of my faves used to be “Bad Bitch” by Webbie. #dontjudgeme. I have my hood moments!! lmao

But seriously here is my list, finally. REECIE’S THEME SONGS:

“That girl thinks that she’s so fine
That soon she’ll have my mind
That girl thinks that she’s so smart
That soon she’ll have my heart…

That girl thinks that she’s so bad
She’ll change my tears from joy to sad
She says she keeps the upper hand
‘Cause she can please her man
She doesn’t use her love to make him weak
She uses love to keep him strong
And inside me there’s no room for doubt
That it won’t be too long”-
That Girl, Stevie Wonder. My #1 theme song…

There She Goes– Babyface: could just be the Neptunes beat, but when I heard this song I immediately put it on “the list”

Bad Girl-Usher: those that know me already knew this one. this is also one of my in the club “oooooooh shit!” songs. gotta get up and do my thing. Sing with me: “whatchall know about a, supermodel”

Bossy-Kelis: *hangs head* I know its cliche, but this really was my song!

Being a Girl-Van Hunt: “Every once-in-awhile you meet a chile, that drives you wild, with unmistakable, downtown style…she just can’t help being a girl, she just can’t help-her-self, full of spectacle and charm like nothing else. Being a girl…”

Booty -Erykah Badu: “your booty might be bigga, but I can still pull your nigga but I don’t want him…” this damn song! Badu made this one before she got thick wit it. lol

Queen Bitch-Lil Kim: I told y’all I have my moments. this song was IT in high school. of course I still know all the words.

Flashing Lights-Kanye West: I’m not really sure why, but it is. lol

Sexy Lady-UCB: ok my DMV folks and go go heads know this…“sexy lady, give me your number giirrrrlllll, sexy lady, I wanna rock your world”. ok. you can’t tell me he isn’t singing to me when this comes on. ” damn girl you sexy as you wanna be, that mean walk…”

The One -Cee Lo ft. TI & Jazze Pha: I have blogged about this song a couple times, but its seriously my MF’in jam. like I love this song so much I can’t even explain it.  First time I heard this I was in the club in St, Louis and everyone was putting their “ones” in the air and I was like, well alright! lol. had to come home and download it. I’ll just post my favorite lyrics because they just rock. lol

It’s our privilege, to have had this conversation
It’s our privilege, and to have had this relation
It’s our privilege, I been searching all evening
For somebody who can and finally sent me the one
It’s our privilege, to have made you laugh
It’s our privilege, and to have crossed your path
It’s our privilege, you’re the star yes you are
Can have your autograph cuz you lookin like THE ONE
It’s our privilege, to have seen your face
It’s our privilege, and I bet you taste so good, let’s get one thing understood
I’ll be good yes I would, especially for the one

^^ no, Cee-lo isnt’ fine but he’s singing that part to me. I promise. I imagine it as him singing on behalf of TI though. ;-p

Others mentioned on other blog posts have been Wanna Love you Girl, Prototype, She Got Her Own, Sometimes,  Muah, PYT, Be Happy…I mean, you know a good song when you hear it, right? I don’t really have or need a lot of people gas me up in life–because I gas myself. no harm in that is it? nope. *pats self on the back and keeps dancing*

“she’s the kinda girl you wanna marry, the kinda you  walk the whole earth for, put her on your back and just carry, her attitude is hotter than the earth’s core…”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Do men have theme songs?! just curious…


I love this man pt. 3

Finally a soul cat. I actually love tons of male crooners, but this one is on my mind today…I just peeped the new video for Dreamworld and swooned. Reminded myself of the love of all things Thicke (pause).  So I decided to write about some of my favoritest Robin Thicke love songs. I can’t take credit for knowing about him when he went by just the last name–I got put on to his debut later…but I like most people first heard of him with that summer smash Wanna Love You Girl. I’ll tell the honest truth. the video came on VHI Soul and I heard it/not looking at the tv cuz I was on the computer and thought it was JT. I know, I know.  but when he hits that part “ooooh I’m sooo glad, I found you”. He DID sound like JT. what a faux pas, especially since Robin is soooooo much more dope than Justin. Yeah, he is. and I happen to kinda have a soft spot for Justin too. sometimes. so back to this song…. it was catchy and infectious and I loved it immediately…..I made it a personal theme song of sorts… one day I’m going to blog about my personal theme songs. I’ve had so many over the years.

But back to Robin. some of my favorite jams by my dude….

off top my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THICKE song is “U Center Me“. This is like the best love song. I’d want someone to tell me that, that I center them. seriously. it just sounds right.

another favorite is Against the World.  back in 06 I think it was I found these two songs on a prerelease of The Evolution and WORE THEM OUT. these are my two favorite songs by him ever.

another is a predictable one, I won’t even link it cuz it got played out and I honestly don’t even want to hear it right now. Its Lost Without You. okay, I know it was played ad nauseum, but its a good song.

some others I just absolutely love:

Teach U A Lesson -ohhh Lawd!

you’ve been a bad girl
Someones gonna have 2 straighten u right out
you’ve been a bad girl
Someones gonna have 2 teach u
Teach u teach u teach u

U can call me professor
But baby u broke the rules
U wont get the grade u want
Unless u stay after school
U can work it off
Baby I can give u extra credit
But theres something else
U were late 2 school
(Teach u teach u teach u)
Girl can I frisk u
Search your body 4
You look so guilty 2 me
If I make u nervous
Its cause you’re hiding WMDs…..

Would that make me u love -another live performance. I think if I saw him live I’d throw my panties at the stage, lol!

Ms. Harmony–the music is just soooooo smooth.  He does channel his best Marvin Gaye rendition, but I do like that about him….since writing this post I have listened to this song 3 times in a row. eh. one mo gin for the hell of it…

and another favorite on the new CD Dreamworld. peep the video below.

and some throwback Thicke just for the hell of it..peep the Andre Harrell cameo. If you didn’t know, my boy wrote for tons of people over the years some I know of off the top are Usher and Brandy…..