The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Too Hot To Handle…

so my inspiration today is the movie Love Jones.

I watched this movie over the weekend, because I was in a pretty crappy mood and the story just seems to lift my spirits kinda. its not the perfect cookie cutter happy ending, there are tons of tribulations along the way, but…its a great story.

those that know me know, I can quote Love Jones all day. one of my favorite scenes, at the end:

Nina Mosley: You always want what you want when you want it. Why is everything so urgent with you?
Darius Lovehall: Let me tell you somethin’. This here, right now, at this very moment, is all that matters to me. I love you. That’s urgent like a motherfucker.

“urgent like a motherfucker”. that explains a lot of  how I view things my life. LOL.

anyways, the soundtrack is on point–one of my favorite Xscape songs is on there, which I highlighted in my Rain Rain Go Away  post a few months ago.

but another favorite scene is when Nina decides after a nice date, she wants Darius to sleep downstairs because she wants to ‘feel like I’m saving something for later’. of course then Darius says ‘well, I’ll have mine right now!’ LMAO.

So scene: she’s upstairs with a pillow between her legs…crucial. here a few songs that remind of THAT feeling. you know….that hot burning (no VD) desire between the legs  feeling…..some of these are from my “sexy” playlist–you know you have one. LOL

Soon I’ll be Loving You Again– Marvin Gaye: my man Hov sampled this in American Dreamin….which is not a sexy song at all, but still back to the lust….

Seconds of Pleasure– Van Hunt: before he even opens his mouth, the guitar has me…

Crown Royal -Jill Scott (this is what inspired my post. not a song but just long enough to do the job. “and youre so thick, and  youre so thick” have mercy!)

Virgin– Chico DeBarge “just for the taste of it, I’d give my whole life shortie..”

All My Love -112: I don’t know why I havent blogged about the greatness that is 112 but….this song?  first of all 112 have TWO songs with this title, but this is the second one, released on that lackluster Hot & Wet CD. the true gem on that joint.

Ask Yourself -Raheem DeVaughn: cannot go without a Raheem song. I loves him, as you already know. so many to choose from, but this one works for me today….

and last but not least. I know a lot of people have strong feelings about Robert Kelly but….I only speak on the music. the music has sucked in recent years, but give me 90’s Kells any day of the week! his music does it for me, and I won’t apologize for that… here’s one of my faves, not one of the more obvious ones either, check it out:


so this is just a quick bit of songs that make me hot. LOL. so I’m sippin on my daily h2o with my legs crossed. all day. 🙂


Rain Rain Go Away….

Not toooo much, but I’m sick of it….its been raining for days!

first off, I like rain every now and then, but its getting to be too much. too much gray, too much gloom!

but some of my favorite songs are about rain. Why is it that rain always induces thoughts of sadness. Hmmm. and sunshine  always full of joy? I wonder. could be because the sun projects heat…and heat is happy. rain and wetness can make you cold…..therefore unhappy.

now rain makes me want to stay under the covers, snuggle with my boo…..find creative things to do to have fun or just lay around and watch tv.

but as far as the music….here we go!

1. The sorrow:

“waking every morning knowing you’re not there….is the only thing that gets me scared”

“Everyday it Rains” is one of my favorite songs from The Show Soundtrack. it has never lost rotation in my mix. but then again I love me some MJB.

“I don’t know when you’re coming home, but I’ll be waiting with open arms”. my girl used to be about some desperation didn’t she?

2. The sorrow pt. 2:

“Once the rain starts falling on my face, then you won’t to see, a single trace. Right now I think I’m cryin’, because of you I’m dying. Don’t want you to see me cry, let me go, let me go, let me go…..I just want to go outside iiiiiiiiiiin the rain”

another movie soundtrack. one of my favorite movies even. Love Jones I could watch everyday, I know all the words and quote them often. I’m also a big Xscape fan. In the Rain was a banger, good cover. Loved their harmony. This song is all Tiny and Kandi.

3. The abuse:

“I’m lookin’ in the mirror at this woman down and out, she’s internally dyin’, I know this was not what love’s about” and video. First off I am not the biggest Ashanti fan, but I loved this song. could be immediately the Hov beat (I know Isaac Hayes did the original)….but I like the video too. I mean, not what’s going on, but the visual story telling. and Larenz is my dude. even when he’s playing a cray cray. Gosh they had some sexy scenes in this joint. hmmmm.

4. The make up

“I’m so sorry baby, you know that I want you baby, I hurt you once again, but open up and let me in.
I’m soaking wet darling, I know you here me calling, Ooh, I really wanna make sweet love to you.”

In an earlier post on this blog I discussed my absolute adoration of Total. One of my favorites from Kima, Keisha & Pam, is simply titled “Rain”.

5. The test:

“On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you. When thats not possible, Tell me, can you weather the storm… cause I need somebody who will stand by me…”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I mean there really isn’t anything else to say. I could post all the lyrics because they are that great. But this is a New Edition classic. and when Ricky Bell comes in ” I know I know all the days won’t be perfect…” *sigh* I mean it doesn’t get any better than Johnny, Ralph and Ricky.  I love love love them. great 90s music. then the end “come baby…lets go get wet”. LMAO.  cheesy but it works.

6. The feel good:

“I don’t mind if it rains for ever…let it rain, let it rain…”

Finally a happy go lucky song about rain. Carl Thomas didn’t make another great song after Summer Rain. He really did not.

“baby won’t you be my summer rain…..go ahead and make it rain, you bring the sunshine back again”

There are more songs, I mean of course Purple Rain, but that’s too obvious. is that song even about rain? LOL.  These are my favorites. Some others I like but not faves are Love Rain by Jilly and Mos, and Rain by SWV. and one I really really love but wasn’t feeling today for some reason is Right as Rain by Adele. That’s actually one of my favorite songs on her CD.

and I’ll close out with a song that isn’t sad, and isn’t about love. I really don’t know what its about!  From  my VA homegirl. This song came out and was an instant hit!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The other night…why?

Me and Tony don’t speak no more
It’s almost been a week oh no
My how time goes so fast
But I still refuse to call his ass
I remember the way that I reacted
And today’s even more attractive
But I really miss Tony.
But then Tony called me one day
He said that he just called to say hey
And it wasn’t until he called me back
That I realized I needed more than that
I’m alot wiser and a little older
Hey baby it was nice to know ya
Good bye Tony.

Still he wasn’t just some regular guy
Tony’s actually the other night
Oh why

I could’ve been in love by now
If it wasn’t for Tony
I could’ve been in love by now
If it wasn’t for Tony…

I like this song. I Like the music but reading the words also makes me think of a simpler time. well actually not simple at all….going thru the motions of dating a guy, very complex stuff especially for a young twenty something girl that think she knows it all but doesn’t have a damn clue. trying to figure out what he’s thinking about me….should I call? should I give em some? LOL. all that bullshit.  but basically TONY is a mistake. when you do some crap and youre like why did I even DO THAT?! but hey, it was fun and seemed like a good time…

and in the video of course we realize she ends up pregnant. definitely not a page in my book, but it happens.

I don’t go with yesterday no more
Now I’m feeling free (I’m feeling free)
Today and tomorrow told me (what they said)
That’s where I should be (that’s where I should be)
That’s where I should be (so I’m moving)
I’m moving (so I’m moving on)
I’m going, Can’t wait forever (I’m moving on)
I’m going (so I’m moving on)
I’m leaving
I miss you baby

Still he wasn’t just some regular guy
Tony is actually the other night

If it wasn’t for Tony

Then you wise up and move on….only to meet the next Tony and it happens all over again! ahhh, that’s life.

random fact: I just read that dude that plays “TONY” in the video is rapper Kid Cudi….