The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

What’s in my earbuds…sexy


this has been a good time for music. I have been previewing a lot of new music lately. Chrisette Michele and Jazmin Sullivan both have studio albums released today: Let Freedom Reign and Love Me Back, respectively. This blog post is not a full through review as I need more time to develop my thoughts on all the music I’ve been bumping lately, but just a quick overview of what I’m checking for–so that you all can check for it too, ya dig? or not, whatever your flavor.

over the weekend I also acquired Chris Brown’s new mixtape In My Zone 2 and from first and second listen I must say it is pretty good!

yesterday I also happened to get into the latest mixtape release from my lova Raheem DeVaughn. Now anybody that knows me knows that I love him so. He is my modern day Marvin Gaye. yes. it is that serious to me and I don’t care if you don’t agree. I talk about R&B a lot–it is my favorite music genre, true pure soul music I should say. but I love R&B of all facets. I got love for Robin Thicke, Foreign Exchange, I mean older 90s stuff like Dru Hill and 112. and lets not even talk about classic groups like EWF, Isleys, Maze & Frankie Beverly, etc. On the more recent front I got love for Bruno Mars. A man singing about love with a good voice does it for me. so anyway, back to Raheem.

His new mixtape Jackin4Beats is much like his Mr February x March Madness joint I reviewed earlier this year with how he covers current songs and/or spins the beats for his own pleasure. Whether its Night and Day, or Prototype, Bonita Applebum, or even more recently on this mixtape Trey’s Can’t Be Friends, he delivers.

Speaking of Trey, he released a mixtape of the same concept #lemmegetdatbeat. So about 4 songs in? hated it. But I shouldve done some research prior to d/l’ing and I wouldve known its all his rap alter ego Trigga and I’m so good on that. I am a Trey fan from way back, when his remixes were featuring local VA artists that nobody but 804 folks knew. I still bump I Gotta Make it/Trey Day/Anticipation heavily. but that’s about it. I’ve been told the 3 Ps or whatever CD is better than Ready but I’m just not interested in listening to it yet. He’s heading quickly to overexposure and I’d like to preserve the love I have left for my 804 homie as is, for now!

so last night I’m up pretty late on twitter and my lova Rah drops this new vid and tags it #twitterafterdark. now I see this often and I don’t typically engage sexy talk with celebs cuz I think its hella corny. but I decided to see what he was talking about! soooooo glad I did. just earlier in the evening while previewing the new mixtape I tweeted:

“so @368hustlers version of Single is real sexy like. but of course…”

so color my surprise when I see he has a video for it! and HAVE MERCY what a video it is. I couldve saved this for #freakyfriday but to be honest I couldn’t wait. I watched it about 4 times last night on my blackberry. and I HATE watching vids on the phone. Trey said he invented what?! who?! no sir. Raheem did that, and if he aint invent it he is definitely showcasing his interests and talents on this here vid. check it out if you dare, its not work safe really.

but back to jackin 4 beats, lemme hold that beat and the like. I dig the concept. Actually I prefer Trey’s remakes of popular songs more than his recent original material #shots #sowhat, and I appreciate what these mixtapes do, they gear you up and make you excited for a studio album. I just hope the studio album is good too. Rappers have recently proven that mixtapes are where they choose to flourish and shine–Wale’s More About Nothing is still my fave this year, yes topping Friday Night Lights, but not by much.

With R&B, you need to be equally consistent with both avenues, IMO. I have always heavily critiqued Raheem’s albums in particular because I am that much of a fan, and I ADORED The Love Experience. That CD still sets the standard that he has YET to reach again. Some of my favorite songs by him are on that album. And when Love Behind the Melody came out and while I was hooked on all things “Love Drug” I admit it took about a year for that CD to grow on me individually and for me to truly stop comparing the two albums. Then The Love & War Masterpeace came out this year and I probably won’t love it until next year. That’s just how I am sometimes.

I will always dig Raheem. He talks about love in a romantic way, he talks about sex in a sensual, erotic way that isn’t crass and you can tell he adores the female frame. He makes music for women that love men that love women. Not just tolerate them, not just want to sex them, but LOVE THEM. And for that,  I love him and will always support his music.


All I Wanna Do Is…

Girl you know your body deserves
Everything on this earth, I’ll give it to you
Ooooh I’ll give it to you yeah…

LAWD this song. its been on repeat for several weeks now. its definitely Freaky Friday material.

…And if I can’t have your body
I don’t wanna have nobody
I rather be alone
Ain’t no subsitute
They can’t do what you doooo for me
Would you please take your clothes off or
Would you rather me do that part
Cause I don’t mind noooo No I don’t mind nooo
Button after button now the blouse coming off
Kissing on your stomach now your skirt coming off
You Feel! so soft Where Is! your spot
Kiss until I find it, must you be reminded…

I like when he says “ooooh! GET IN THIS ROOM!” *giggle* I’m silly.  Happy Friday Friends…

(and V-Day and long weekend for us that get that good holiday pay! )

and another one for the road. “I want you on top…I want you to find your favorite spot…”


in my earbuds pt. 3…favorite songs this week

so, I was reminded yesterday that one of my favorite songs right now is of course by one of the men I love….

“they say it aint trickin if you got it, they lyin. I say it aint trickin if you got HER, she mine…”

Loso! one of my facebook friends mentioned that the Throw it in the bag remix shouldve been on the CD. I agree. I actually planned to revisit the CD this week because I haven’t listened to it since I bought it…and that’s not a good sign, I’ve already forgotten whats on it. hmmmm.

so what else have I been listening to?

I’m Good -Clipse ft. Pharrell: I mean…its Clipse and Pharrell!!!  you know I rep two up two down even though they from tidewater

Mario- Break Up: this one isn’t new anymore, but its sooooo infectious. and I love Mario too.

Rather Be With You -Wale ft. J. Cole & Currensy: one of my faves from the Back to the Feature mixtape. when I first heard it I played it over and over…the production is sick. J Cole rips it in the beginning. gosh I love this nasty song! LOL. They do nasty so much better than say a Plies with his wack crass ass bust it baby/becky shit….

Where I’m From- Jay-Z: one of my favorite songs by him, and because I watch MTB, I’m always hearing the beat because Diddy decided he wanted to use it! ugh! that frustrates me more than anything…. “where we argue all day about whose the best emcees Biggie, Jay Z and Nas..”

Muah -Electrik Red: not sure how I feel about them, I mean I’ve had their joint for awhile and its aight. however I love this one song right here! I don’t care what people say about girls erroneously assigning “theme” songs… “I’m the shit, with this shit…mmm muah!”

Yo Side of the Bed -Trey Songz: so Ready is finally about to be released, and I uhm have already acquired it. I’m gonna buy it, but I’m not quite done sampling it yet. This song I’ve liked since I heard it on the mixtape…so far listening to Ready I’ll just say, I don’t like it better than Trey Day…or even Anticipation

Can’t tell me nothing- Kanye: this was a hot ass song. I remember the first time I heard it like….ooohhh! me likes. “man its so hard not to act reckless….”

For Real -Amel Larrieux: I heard this song yesterday and thought “awww!” I used to LOVE THIS. still do. great love song. and Bravebird was a great cd! check the video below:

a random mix yes…but it works for me! if you haven’t heard these ever, or its just been awhile click the links are ride out!!!