The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Baby, I like it raw…

yeah baby, but don’t tell nobody. LOL. But seriously, this was a dope video.


I remember the first time I heard this song–no I don’t remember EXACTLY WHEN IN TIME, but I know I was in the car with my mom and it was on the radio and she was like “this is HORRIBLE! WHO IS THIS?!” And proceeded to turn the station. I can laugh about it now, and I think I even laughed then. Because I agreed, he sounded horrible.

I have no idea how in the world that song grew on me. maybe it was seeing the video. I posted about Wu Tang before, and of course my favorite wu solo artists are Rae and Ghostface–check the new joints by both of them btw! I haven’t listened to the Ghostface yet, but its on the mental list of things to peep musically this week.

so how did I start liking ODB as a solo artist? I have nooooo idea. of course growing up a hip hop head in training; my older cousin lived with us and he’s the one that got me into it. we would talk about the music all the time. and the more hard core cursing artists that my mom wouldn’t buy the cd’s for me (before I got a job and could buy  my own), he already had. LOL. so I’d hear stuff anyway.

I became intrigued by the riduculousness of him calling himself Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGirt, and all his other monikers, and he was pretty much a trainwreck. The MTV special about his many children, his antics at the Grammy’s. I mean, ODB was ODB.

I was still saddened when I heard of his passing because with many celebs you just don’t expect them to die. Its like you want them to live forever.

RIP, ODB…”wu tang  is for the children!” LMAO. Kanye knows ODB had the best acceptance speech interruption of all time!


another thursday….

I’m not sure if I’m gonna do this every thursday, but two weeks in a row aint bad.

I have been focused on new projects at work like a hebrew slave   so I haven’t really had the mind for my music. I’m getting so many phone calls at work that I have to turn my music down! wtf is that about? only right now, on my precious lunch hour am I able to chill and listen to my hip hop in peace!

so today I had a discussion, thats been beaten with a dead horse about complexion, but it reminded me of one of my favorite songs…I actually wanted to blog about this song last week for some reason…..but I’m gonna just kick it off

“even caramel sundaes is getting touched”

this song came out when I was in high school and some girls I went to school with even got airbrushed shirts to match the shirts in the video. I always wanted the Caramel Sundae one. My girl Shauna was Butter Pecan and my girl Nee Nee was Chocolate Deluxe! ow!

anyway since I’m now in a Wu mood, check out my hands down favorite Wu song of all time…I still know ALL the words and get excited when I hear it. taking it back to 7th grade: I taped this song off THE RADIO during The top 9 at 9 (every city has a countdown like this right?) so I could learn all the words…

Inspectah Deck’s verse is my favorite.

my favorite solo projects were by Raekwon (Cuban Linx, clearly) and Ghostface (Ironman). I rocked with the first Tical too “you’re mama don’t wear no draws, I seen when she took them off…” but those two were my favorites. Speaking of Ghostface, this one from Supreme Clientele is GUARANTEED to get the party hype. well it used to. for people my age. LOL

how about I don’t even remember this video….


and I gotta end the post on some typical ignant Wu…this song? another hype song. from the classic Enter the 36 Chambers….

make sure your office door is closed like mine if you wanna jam hard! LOL

wu tang loves da kids. RIP ODB……