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You Should Be Stronger Than Me…

We lost Amy Winehouse over the weekend. she was/is one of my favorite soul singers and even though we knew she was troubled and had an addiction problem, at 27 years old I still feel so bad that her life and her light was cut so short. I’ve seen mention of the “27 club” and of them all the only that passed away in my lifetime was Kurt Cobain. I remember his death vividly, but as a very young person, I wasn’t able to really feel the depth of his mortality as I do with Amy. I am OLDER than Amy and I never really thought about that before. She looked much older than she was–no doubt from her hard living. It was just recently revealed the night she died she binged on ecstasy, alcohol and cocaine.

I’ve written before about how much I missed her and another post highlighting my favorites by her, and I like many was hoping she’d pull herself though and make more music. I hope she’s at peace now.


I told you I was trouble…

you know that I’m no good…

I freakin’ love this crazy lady.

so this afternoon I was in a pretty funky mood. well not funky but “eh”. I’m working on projects I don’t feel like working on and I’m just trying to make it to 5pm. around 3:20ish this song comes on…how can you deny this song?!

how can you deny Amy?! I mentioned her in my I Miss You post last year because I do miss her. I hope she’s not like Lauryn Hill. Get a hit album out of her, then ghost. I sincerely hope not! But clearly this girl has demons she’s battling. Well I technically have TWO great albums out of her, that I promise can appease that stankiest stank of moods…just mellow, just great musically and lyrically–well lyrically Back to Black can be a bit depressing but I like to just close my eyes, exhale and have a “woo chile, I know thats right” moment with my imaginary homegirl Amy.

here are a few of my favorites by Miss Winehouse, with some standout lyrics to me–you know its alllll about the lyrics over here.

Stronger Than Me: “I’m not gonna meet your mother, any time. I just wanna grip your body… over mine” #POW. I had never seen this video before now.

Back to Black: “Me and my head high, and my tears dry, get on without my guy” this song is every.single.thing. woo chile! “you go back to her, and I go…back to…black” #onrepeat

F Me Pumps:  “He could be your whole life, If you got past one night, But that part never goes right.” funny song. should be the Basketball Wives theme music…“Without girls like you, there’s no nightlife, all those men just go home to their wives…”

Me & Mr. Jones: “what kind of fuckery is this…” BEST.SONG.INTRO. I quote this often, lol.

In My Bed: “the only time I hold your hand, is to get the angle right” LOL. this should be the sexually liberal woman anthem. I didn’t know there was a video for this song either. you can find anything on youtube.

Love is a losing game: “while I wish we’d never played. oh what a mess we made” this song just ’bout made me cry. dont laugh I’m hormonal. Good thing this is so short, because I was almost there. this version on the link sends me. *whew*

There is No Greater Love: “there is no greater thrill, than what you bring to me. no sweeter song, than what you sing to me…” I had to redeem myself with this one after LIALG–get my mind back right!  🙂 she sangs on this one too…

Amy has such a jazzy, soulful voice. Its one of my favorites. I hope she makes more music.

peep the live version of my fave from above:


I miss you…

its been too long

since you’ve been gone

feels good when I’m with you

I miss you

I need your smile

ain’t seen you in awhile

I’m so alone I miss you….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What happened to Monifah? that used to be the jam. Was she a Heavy D protege’? I heard Now That We Found Love yesterday on the radio on the old school lunch mix and was jamming tooo hard in my car! that’s my fave Heavy D song. that and black coffee no sugar no cream! I miss Heavy. I miss Monifah. I got to thinking today at work about artists that I miss…just random, like where is SHE at? (behind that preposition, I know). Who remembers the Monifah remix with AZ? *sigh* music was soooo much better then.

Here’s my list:

Vivian Green–I’on even know where my girl’s been hiding, but I wish we could go back…or come back rather.  just do something!!!

Monica- I know she’s been seen everywhere, and has a duet with Keyshia Cole, where she clearly outshines her in the song and the video, but I want some solo material…

Amy Winehouse–just get your life together and make some music, I mean damn. I’m tired of seeing pictures of you looking crazy in these streets! I mean, what kind of fuckery is this?! do better, ma!

Amerie–Because I love it. that’s all, no other explanation needed. I think I love Amerie as much as I love Teedra.

Faith Evans–I read her book earlier this year and just miss everything about her….I think this was the last Faith song I really really loved..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Corinne Bailey Rae-I know her voice annoys a lot of people, but I really like it and I liked her first CD.

Eve–I mean do I even have to go into it? I just saw this horrible new Lil Kim video yesterday (hadn’t heard the song before seeing the vid) and I just want a female rapper to do better. NO, I want specifically Eve to do it.  I’m over Kim….

Kelis–I mean she’s with child and going thru a divorce so maybe I’ll have to wait a little bit longer….just as long as she gets back with Neptunes….if not she can keep it.

Tamia–Its only been what 3 years since Between Friends but it was great. I loved it, I want you to come out and get your due!!!! Last First Kiss is like oh-em-gee, its a fantabulous song!!!

Jazmin Sullivan–I know the CD just came out but can I get a video…that doesn’t suck? I don’t miss you  quite yet, but I feel like you kinda are fading to black. I’on know. Just a feeling I get…

Beyonce–because you know I haven’t seen you in so long. didn’t you get married a year ago? where have you been my dear? *rolls eyes* I would love for you to go on tour or something soon to give us a sneak peek of what’s coming next…..a movie maybe….

there are tons of other women making great music that you just don’t see anymore…I think the universe has an unwritten rule that you have to rotate about 4 or 5 mainstream singers at a time… long as Beyonce always remains a constant–she’s like the big joker in your spades hand. you know you set if you have her right? I kid…. throw MJB  in the mix every 3 years or so, someone like Ciara or Rihanna to be edgy but still compared to Beyonce…you know to just keep hoes in their place,  and then Keyshia fills the hood quotient.

Do we have any female versions of cornballs like Pleasure P and Bobby V? hmmmm. Christina Milian is trying to make a comeback but I just don’t see it. Dip it Low is her only hit. Go back to making movies boo! and that blond hair? “you look bad gurl”. She used to be my body role model….her cute shape is soooo being ignored by the hideous clothes and horrible hair.

I don’t want to post the awful picture on my blog, but I’m speaking of this here.

Can some of my favorite singers come back? please….I don’t ask for much these days…and I don’t bitch and whine if I don’t get my way…..

I just want something fresh, from the people I like. thats all. I mean I can spend days listening to old Monica Faith Evans (as they have the largest catalogs), but I’d rather discover something new, ya know?

yes, she wants neo soul, this hip hop is old, she don’t want no rock and roll…..