The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

They say that chivalry is dead…

Then why is her body in my bed
At sunrise, the morning paper’s read
They found a body in my bed

ok the drums? the synthesizer? love. this song is erotic. yes. I haven’t participated in #freakyfriday in awhile so I decided to bring it back. With a banger from the latest release from Cee-Lo Green’s The Lady Killer. Highly anticipated, full of funk and old school flavor–this groove reminds me of something Barry White would sing on. Now Cee-Lo doesn’t give me “sexy time” vibes at all, but this here song? this song right here? whooooooweee. Shout out to my sis Mel that put me on to this one.

…I leaned towards her and whispered the choice is yours
Need I remind you that I’ll have no remorse
(I understand)
Here’s a kiss sweetheart this won’t hurt a bit
I can kill it with kindness or murder it

uhm. murder it please! lolololol #imfast #iknowit #sowhat

in other news, I recently read that Goodie Mob is coming with a reunion album. I hope its good, can’t wait to check it out. And how about I didn’t know Cee-Lo was only 36?! I guess I feel like since I’ve been listening to his music forever he should be a lot more older than me. I dunno. Between the Mob, Gnarls Barkley, and the solo projects he has a pretty diverse catalog! If you haven’t checked The Lady Killer out yet, please do so! Good music.  Happy Friday folks. 🙂


Baby don’t rush this…

…take your time
You and me goin’ be here for a while
I got so much that I want to do
I just want to be close to you
I got so much that I want to do
That I can show you better than I can say…

relax, ease into it…


I love Mos Def. Something about his voice– whether rapping, singing kinda like in this song, or even while acting–does it for me. I haven’t featured a hip hop artist for Freaky Friday in awhile, but this one sure is worthy.

I love the electric guitar. I imagine a dark steamy room, maybe a single light bulb glow. Or better yet a candle. Sandalwood. Hey, I’m a scent person, and I love musky scents.

Let me show you
Let me show you
Let me show you…

as if saying it once wouldn’t convince you, he says it FIVE MORE TIMES and throws in a “I wanna show you” for good measure.

Oh baby, you make me feel so good
Come let me take you by the hand
Oh baby, you make me feel so good…

so yeah. it aint no more to it.

Enough talk and let’s move…

if “The Panties” isn’t on any of your playlists, you might just wanna add that… if you aren’t feeling his voice, cop the instrumental. TRUST ME ON THIS.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend 🙂