The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I may be young in age…

…But I know I’m in love
I don’t care what they say
They don’t know a thing about us
Cause you’ve got my back and I’ve got your trust
I’m not trying to see you without…

I can’t see me without you
I can’t see no you without me
That’s something
I can’t conceive
Cause there’s no me without you

this song came on as I stepped off the train to head my way home and I got filled up! filled up with that great extraordinary feeling  that comes with a song you can’t help but exude good memories, good vibes, just a GOOD MOOD! There are some songs that just DO IT for me, another I featured awhile back  includes “Stay” by Ne-Yo. no matter how I’m feeling in my present moment, it just makes me happy and hopeful and epitomizes what life is about—those joyful, fun moments.

Ain’t no you without me
And that’s for real baby
And ain’t no you without you
So what’s the deal baby
And I got five little fellas trying to talk to me (say what)
But see my mind is on you so it don’t matter to me

This lil rap verse by Missy was so “young” but I love it though. lol

This song featured I actually have mentioned on a throwback thursday post before with a few others. It deserves a solo post today because it actually is the song I designated as “our song” for myself and my high school boyfriend wayyyyyy long time ago. *giggle* Back then, I had Nicole’s debut CD Make it Hot on repeat. Released in 1998, she was one of the many protege’s of Missy Elliott which was enough for her to get a purchase from me–plus back then I was in BMG and Columbia House music club heaven. While this song was never a super popular single, it was one of my favorites immediately. *sigh*  The lyrics, however simple, still express some 13 years later a great sentiment.  I have listened to this song non stop since I’ve gotten home as I write this post. I LOVE THIS SONG! I have no idea if I ever even told my then bf if this was “our song” and as time has gone on, it doesn’t even so much remind me of the relationship, as it does my youth, my hopeless romantic spirit, and just happiness.

I can’t see, I can’t see, nobody but you and me… 

What about you: do you have a song that reminds you of  your “puppy” love? A song that no matter how you’re feeling, fills you up and takes you to that place?


90’s Mix: Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday!!! 90s Edition.

So every time I do a throwback post this is what I do: randomly play songs from my iPod–that’s it. The post isn’t planned out or written in advance, I totally do listen to these songs as I write. I guess its like sharing a part of my day with you–when I feel so moved. Sometimes I pick from the automatically populated 90’s Music playlist that  iTunes created; sometimes I just hit next on my entire library–I have that much older music that’s not just from the 90s so that makes it pretty easy. It’s totally random and unless I have a particular artist in mind that day, I just post whatever sounds good that I’m feeling.

so this is what we are rolling with today….

I loved Nicole Wray’s CD! This was my favorite song on there; I swear for me and my hs boyfriend this was “our song”. I did a previous Throwback Thursday post that included another favorite from that cd, “Borrowed Time”. Only thing I dislike about this video is that Mocha’s rap is different than the one on the album version. This CD came out at the height of the Missy/Timbaland reign, and being from VA of course I was all over every single collaboration.

“yes yes y’all to the beat y’all!”

Back then he was truly baby Puffy. LOL All videos looked the same too because this one truly gives me Total’s “Can’t You See” as well!

Usher’s been leaking some pretty wack music lately. which is disappointing because I LOOOOVE me some Usher. Well, 90s Usher. his first two cd’s were favorites, I didn’t really get into 8701 but after so many people whose musical judgment I respect told me it was a banger I revisited it in recent years. And of course the epic Confessions. There is still one song I CANNOT listen to ever again in life on that cd–because it was played out sooooo much. click here if you are curious, but it features two favorites “Throwback” and “Bad Girl”. the former I wrote a post on awhile ago–and the latter of course being one of my theme songs. If  you are a fan of R&B, you can’t go wrong with 14-16 year old Usher, IMO. He’s what– 30 now? I think he’s a yr or so older than me. I’d like to see his career continue to climb but I’m not so sure.

“we used to be number 10, now we’re permanent at 1”

I looooved this song too! I was definitely a Fugees fan and The Score still gets rotation, not heavy in recent times but its timeless. I may have to put that back in my car, hmm. Apparently there has been a resurgence of L  Boogie with a recent performance in New Zealand. I hope she get get it together and bring us some new music–you already know how I feel about her. I kinda hope for a Fugees reunion though. I’m fiending for Lauryn to return to her hip hop roots. Pras, I can take or leave but L & Clef together I think they could still make some good music.

“you only live once and you’re not coming back…so express yourself!”

ok I was a serious SNP fan growing up. Actually I think they are truly the group that cultivated my future love for rap and hip hop. I was really the 8 year old spitting verses and wanting an asymmetric cut like them! I had their music on 45s! 45s yall! if you don’t know what a 45 is…#killyoself. Their music was a bit mature for a child looking back, but it wasn’t really vulgar being that I didn’t REALLY know what they were talking about–but  “Shake Your Thing” I have fond memories of singing and dancing to at Kinder Care. Music shapes lives, y’all. LOL  This song is really old but the lyrics still stand true today: people wanting to be like other people, instead of being themselves–find a way to be unique and express individuality. It’s also a trip how Pepa is now on TV making a fool of herself and while Salt won’t subject herself to the foolishness on camera, she executive produces the show. hmm. Their Hits Remixed CD was an early purchase from Columbia House back in the day and it gets lots of play on my ipod.

to slow it down a bit, some Sisters With Voices.

If you don’t think this song is on point then I guess you must have never been in love. hmph.

Funny my girl Cryssy and I were JUST talking about this song last week. Man! this song was on the “break up” playlist heavy. I know you all had a break up playlist. I think this one kept me going from HS well into college. *whew this song!* I could write a post on this song alone but I really don’t want to go there–I’m in a good place right now…

and lastly an underrated girl group brought to us by Keith Sweat. my FAVORITE song of theirs that I HAD NO IDEA there was a video for: I just love youtube.

This video is very choppy, but Surrender is a banger and I think I will be listening to Kut Klose for the rest of the morning now…

Happy Thursday, thanks for traveling back in time with me…memories.


You don’t belong to me…

…And I Don’t Belong To You (And I Don’t Belong To You Baby)
No Matter How Hard We Try (We Try)
We’re Still On Borrowed Time
You Still Go Home To Her (You Still Go Home To Her)
So You Can’t Belong To Me (You Can’t Belong To Me)
Although Our Love Feels So Right
We’re Still On Borrowed Time

Nicole Wray, “Borrowed Time” from her debut Make It Hot. this came out when I was in hs. I loved this CD!

appropriate Throwback Thursday song considering cheaters is a popular subject this week. Am I sick of it? yes, but no, I don’t have any suggestions. lol. Celeb gossip is starting to annoy me, and everyone wanting to be an expert on what other people should live their lives. I’m me, so of course I have an opinion, but I know it isn’t gonna change a thing so, there it is. I guess its interesting dialogue, for…someone. I’m also tired of hearing about this damn H1N1 vaccine! good gracious! either get it or don’t, but damn. BTW, I never get flu shots and I’m not about to start this season.

In the meanwhile. I’m about to hit up the HuffPo, NYT for some different info to fill my brain with today…and of course some more throwback thursday…

“even if they don’t understand the flow, the understand the dough”

hey papi! an example of Jay giving one of his songs to Bleek to help him have a hit. Bless Bleek’s heart. So cute, and so rich. He’s in Jay’s will after all. I say he has it made. *cue 50s “have a baby by me baby* I kid, I kid. I think we’d make some purty babies though. just sayin.

I recently checked the iPod and couldn’t BELIEVE I didn’t have Janet on there! so I pulled out my cd, and uploaded it immediately. good times.

yes! this is the Whitney I love. *sigh* this is what Pop music should sound like, all syrupy sweet and stuff. lol. LOVES 80s Whit Whit the most…

“oh la oh la ay! “

was a huge Kid N Play fan back in the day. Salt N Pepa too, of course. I used to be a dancer when I was little–no not taking classes but a “get in the middle of the living room floor and dance for your family” kinda dancer. with routines and everythang! miss those days…

of course my mix is random, but so am I! hope you enjoyed it!