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I can’t believe this but…

on September 3, 2009

but I can’t stop listening to “LOL smiley face”. ugh. I hate me. LOL. Gucci’s verse isn’t even that bad, but Souja boy, iCan’t do it to myself. he sucks.

I feel like having a Throwback Thursday, who’s with me?!

ok what’s on my the soundtrack today….let’s hit the 90’s music mix on the ipod and see what comes up…

Spread My Wings-Troop! ok I looooooved this song. I  remember my cousin Jason and I would sing this song and dance like fools!

All of My  Days -Changing Faces ft. R. Kelly & Jay Z: you really can’t lose with this song! its featuring Kells and Jay! greatness. I remember being in 7th grade and my classmate Cassaundra and I would joke and call ourselves Changing Faces.

Award Tour -A Tribe Called Quest: I love this song. and they don’t shout out VA until the very end!

Call Me -Too Short & Lil Kim: this song, this song, this song. I swear I didn’t pick ANY of these songs, they came on shuffle, LOL. I still know all the words. I was a big Kim fan back in the day, when it was cool to be crass. This is one of the nastiest songs of my youth.


well there we go! enough for today. Today is my Friday so I’ll wish everyone a happy labor day weekend now!

3 responses to “I can’t believe this but…

  1. Crooky says:

    Goodness…I *JUST* put “Spread My Wings” and “I Will Always Love You” on the iPod yesterday. I also added “Tender Love”, “Tears”, “Here I Go Again” by the Force MDs.

    Oh wait, I also added After 7’s “Baby I’m For Real/Natural High”, “Can He Love You Like This” and “Taking My Time”. 90s R&B was the TRUTH!!

  2. Streetz says:

    Award Tour is classic!

  3. Tunde says:

    baby girl sent a picture to my blackberry, she fine and she thick just like halle berry (well damn!)

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