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The Remix: Beat Steady Knockin’

on March 31, 2011

this video and song epitomizes partying and having a good time. Yes, I know it was not included in the last post. I had my reasons, lol.  I remember when this video came out I was pointing out my favorite R&B singers one after one and in addition to the other cameos–I wanted to be there!!! Can you imagine? partying with these people. I know its just a video but what can I say, I feel like I was born too late. lol.

Anyway, I wanted to touch on a few more of my favorite remixes that are guaranteed party anthems.  I will admit many of these are what I feel is wrong with remixes these days–same song just adding people/verses–I like these strictly for their hypeness. There is no time/era limit on these, so don’t beat me up in the comments about leaving anything out! These are MY favorite party jams.

Drop it Like its Hot remix ~ Snoop ft. Pharrell & Jay -Z. yall know it wouldnt be right if I didn’t start with the Hov feature. Neptunes production, this was a good spin on the track.

Down For My N’!ggas remix ~ C-Murder ft.  Magic & Snoop. this a stroll classic. heard on college campuses everywhere since it came out. #shoutout to the Kappas in the video! lol

Whoa remix ~ Black Rob ft. everyone*. Rah Digga set this one off right! reminds me of my freshman year of college.

*if its more than 2 additional people on the track, I’m calling it everyone cuz I aint got that kinda time to name all those people. sorry*

Hood N!gga remix ~ Gorilla Zoe ft. everyone. Uhm. Excuse me while my inner thug emerges, and then I hit my ghetto girl twerk. its not a game when this song comes on. My boo Jeezy tho…

Pretty Girls remix ~ Wale ft. Chris Brown & Fabolous. I don’t even listen to the original with Gucci. I mean, its Gucci. I felt like the Delta references were pretty wack (the AKAs got the best shine, eh, I guess.) but Loso’s verse is one of my faves, I thought it was pretty good wordplay.

I Get Money remix ~ 50 Cent ft. Ludacris  I remember there was a time I used to club in ATL and every time “I Get Money” came on I would lose my mind. I didn’t particularly care for the “Forbes 1,2,3 remix”–but Luda is always good for a verse in my book.

We Fly High (Ballin) remix ~ Jim Jones ft. everyone.  Do yall remember when this song came out? Everyone in the club would go nuts. Ya’ll know I can do without Birdman, always but there he is  anyway…

I’m a Hustler remix ~ Cassidy ft. MJB. This was a classic Swizzy joint for me. On the original they snippet the remix at the end, and I must say I was looking forward to the full song. I for one appreciated MJB with her lil flow.

Quiet Storm remix ~ Mobb Deep ft. Lil Kim. one of Kim’s hardest verses. I was recently told Havoc wrote it, which made me sad, but I don’t care. it still is executed well. I still know all the words.

Throw Some D’s remix ~ Rich Boy ft. Andre 3000 and everyone else. This is one of my favorite 3 Stacks verses. I mean… forget Rich Boy I listen to this song for Andre and Andre only. Rich Boy doesn’t even come in until the end. I have to admit the original was a banger but that 3000 verse just cancels out everything else. I can see the story he’s telling in my mind every time I hear it. DOPE. I kinda check out after him, but the beat still goes hard so its whatever. Loved the DeBarge sample.

Dey Know remix ~ Shawty Lo ft. everyone. another hood banger. Where is Shawty Lo? who cares this one goes in, and of course Jeezy and Luda show out in typical fashion. You can’t really dance to this song, but it is crunk in the club. “big ups to all my haters!!!!”

Two Step remix ~ DJ Unk ft. T-Pain, Jim Jones & E-40. Please don’t judge me for this one. but I loved this song. especially *whispers* T Pain’s part. This used to go so hard in the club!!! “take your left foot, put it out in the front and do it uhhhhhhh like this” LOL  *gets jiggy with it*

Throw it in the bag remix ~ Fabolous ft. The Dream & Drake. Loved the original song,  but then they freaked the “Fancy” sample and added Drake and its officially a wrap for that, I only listen to the remix. “since she’s such a boss bitch, she could hire who she wants. she could help me blow this green, she the fire to my blunt. you can try her if you want but its gon’ cost you…”

and lastly…

Wipe Me Down remix ~ Boosie  ft. Foxx & Webbie. I still love this song more than words can express. judge me!!!

If you want to keep the party going for later click here. Thank me later. I think I will stop there for this entry. What ya’ll got?

16 responses to “The Remix: Beat Steady Knockin’

  1. “Digga on a Black Rob track like whoa/Brick City where we smack cops back like whoa” Lol. Sorry. I saw mention of that verse and immediately got hype.

    Love this list!!! Jeezy’s verse on Dey Know was fire “I’m in my cool whip/inside Jello/Hop up out that pretty muhfucka like Hello!”

    Let me stop before I do an entire post in your comments. Lol.

  2. @milesfan79 says:

    “Whoa” remix has to be longest remix in hip-hop history!! That ish is like 8mins long w/a gang ninjas lol

    “Throw it in the bag” remix was hot and still get play in my itunes, the original got deleted

    “Pretty girl” remix is hot too! Sadly wale missed his window of opportunity and dropped it 6months after his album was forgotten, I mean came out smh. Really think remix would have been ideal for album promo sweep

    Surprise you didn’t throw “deuces” remix, I don’t even fcuk w/CB but 3000 and kanye verse set it off, “jay finally got to me and told me not to comment on. So when you ask about ‘you know who’ I don’t know who you talk bout!!” Probably one of best remixes in last 6months.

  3. MilanRouge says:

    Wipe Me Down (remix)….NUFF SAID!!! Bangs, knocks and SWAYS so much harder than the original version. Like. The original version offends me when it comes on. LOL! Like Whoa remix knocks. Adding these to my remix playlist i’m creating. 😉

  4. Brandi says:

    Reecie! You forgot one or my old brain is failing me and I missed it….What about Mr. Cheeks Lights, Camera, Action?!

  5. Reecie says:

    Lights Camera Action remix is on the download link 🙂

  6. If you trying to get the party started properly, you gotta throw on that “Best of Me” Remix with Hov and Mya from the ‘Backstage’ soundtrack. Hov demolishes that joint.

    “What’s a little me on top gon’ hurt, maybe a little but, pain is pleasure and pressure bust pipes plus you look like the ‘I like it rough’ type we can crush tonight tell me what you like, I got a yellow bottle on a bucket of ice get right…”

    Video was dope too… Hov and Mya had that “clearly we’re f*ckin” chemistry.

    Also, though not really a party joint, Jadakiss’ “Why” remix deserves mention for the sheer fact that Common was the first rapper to name drop Barack. “Why don’t we impeach him and elect Obama”

    Back to Hov – love the Diamonds from Sierra Leone remix. If you remember, that was at a time when nobody was really sure what would happen with Rocafella breaking up, who would sign where, which way Yeezy was going… etc. Hov came out and cleared up all the questions.

    Great Post.

  7. Cryssy says:

    so you know I am over here rockin to pretty girls……YOU know that remix makes me dance EVERYTIME I hear it….

    So Wipe Me Down is another remix that makes me feel a way…

    I agree with MilesFan The Deuces remix banged extra hard as well…

    The I Get Money original and remix makes me shake all of my ass when I hear it!!! YES!!!

    honrable mention –Jay’s verse on Diamonds are forever “remix” was so official “Bleek could be one hit away his whole career, as long as I am alive he is a millionaire, and even when I die he in my will somewhere”

    can’t wait for the next installment

  8. Reecie says:

    That Best of Me pt2 is on the download link as well. 🙂

    My homie got me last night with the “Touch It remix”–I had forgotten allllll about that one! but I had already finished up my post.

    keep em coming yall!!! I’m always looking to add to my mix!

  9. Reecie says:

    Diamonds from Sierre Leone is a good one! not party worthy but definitely a remix that supercedes the original–I don’t even listen to that one anymore, Hov’s verse >>>>>>>>>

  10. Walk it Out Remix is disgusting too… Dre killed it.

  11. streetztalk says:

    Wow reecie comes through in teh CLUTCH with the download link!

    The one more chance remix and Big Poppa are my favorite Biggie tracks!

    Lights Camera Action remix?!! Man listen…

    I think the special delivery remix with ghostface was CLASSIC! My son came through and the first thing he said was EFF THE WHOLE INDUSTRY!!

    I cant even clown these chicken noodle soupin cats because my harlem shake was immaculate!

    Son… remixes!!

    HA remix with Juve though!

    a slept on remix is the Warrior remix by Lloyd banks, eminen and afew others. Hunger For More was a TUFF album and slept on.

    Excellence is this post!

  12. Reecie FTMFW!!!

    I love that Wipe Me Down remix. lol. Great list!

    Now, you know how I love Kanye, so I have to add that Lollipop remix.

    I’m So Hood remix. Jeezy, Luda, and everybody else. This my shat! lol.

    Hustlin’ remix, Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Jeezy. Love it…

  13. K. Rock says:

    Throw some D’s remix-I am so glad they put Andre’s verse first so that I dont have to listen to the other terribles on that song. Jim Jones..blech.

    Wipe me Down is one of my altime favorite party songs. It makes me dumb everytime and I love it.

    Love this post!

  14. anson1 says:

    Great list, Reecie! I know I’m late to this party but I couldn’t stay away. Remixes aren’t really my thing but I’ll give you 2Pac – California Love remix, Luniz – I Got 5 On It remix, Young Gully -93 til Infinity remix just to name a few.

  15. CHeeKZ Money says:

    I’m mad late. But Reecie this post is Tiger Blood. Great selection great taste (as always). I so agree with you on remixes and they way a good one can add to a song or even change it.

    Shout out to my Nig, Most Interesting. Great great great song selection too bro. Common on the Why Remix was the first time a rapper EVER talk about Obama on wax, give my 2nd fav rapper of all time props.

    The throw it in the bag remix, that ish was actually fire. Fabs bars are great, third verse is flawless gems. “They say it aint tricking if you got it, They Lying/ I say it aint tricking it you got her, She mine.” That line is smart, accurate, well delivery and developed.
    I am so hyped off of your picks I don’t think I can think of any of my own. I’ll try
    Jr Mafia – Get Money Remix
    Total foxy Kim Brat – No One Else
    Nas R Kelly- Street Dreams
    Kelly – I Wish Remix
    MOP – Ante Up Remix
    Big Pun – Still Not A Player
    Nas – made ya look remix
    AnythingSWV featuring Wu-Tang
    Scenario – Tribe and Leaders

    My fav part of the Balling Remix is the actually video. Diddy and Jim Jones actually look like they are having more fun than any one in normal life will ever get a chance to experience.
    And before I roll.. I prefer the walk to out remix just b/c of OutKast and Unk actually kinda came off. Who knew he could do that? Both are dope though.

  16. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Three More:

    The Clipse – Got Damn Remix
    CRS – Everyone Nose feat Pusha.
    Lloyd – You with Nas and 3k (song makes me emotional).

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