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She’s a bad chick….

on February 3, 2009

so I girl crush/stan on some female artists. Hard. I’m not ashamed. I said that I would no longer use the S word in 2009 but I will say this chick has IT. Tee Tee ( my nickname for her like she’s my peeps for real) has swag.  I don’t know why she’s not a radio killer! well maybe I wouldn’t like her so much if she was…because I kinda pride myself on liking some non mainstream people. BUUUUUT my girl is popular enough that she’s not like totally obscure or anything.

I got put on maybe in 03…I just remember being in grad school and I used to bump the hell outta yahoo launchcast radio at work. they’d play some random songs based on the artists I liked and voted on….and they played this song. Be Your Girl had my head bobbin….I was diggin it.

then it was this song that made me a fan. “you will never find a better woman, or a better fool”. I used to feel like this about my ex. I think I was a fool and STILL the better woman, but I digress. water under the bridge. so yeah back to Teedra…..I am going to buy her new mixtape cuz I am a fan *even though I  hate paying for music these days* but I am waiting for the new cd to drop!!! The Young Lioness was supposed to come out in February 07–you know I know. Can you say pushed back to be pushed back to be pushed back? ugh. Why they do my girl like this?!!!!!

may I just add that when Complex Simplicity came out I had to fight with the staff of Best Buy to get a copy. Then I played it so much that it scratched. the only other CD I have scratched and had to replace numerous times in my life is MJB My Life. So I had to use the upload from the bought CD to burn another CD, then scratched that joint up too! I love Complex Simplicity!!!! I had a similar  shopping experience with Robin Thicke’s joint. I had to search all thru the damn store to get me a copy of The Evoloution….weird, cuz he’s hella popular. now anyway….

she’s so cute, but looks like she’ll still cut a nigga if she has to! love her!

I’m listening to her song So Kool now….and I dig it.

she also has a duet with my main joint Raheem DeVaughn on the mixtape too. yesssssss! I just placed my paypal order. I’m sick that I have to wait for it to come in the mail–homegirl, can we get a digital download I mean sheesh! but I am uhhh “sampling”  it in the meanwhile….

6 responses to “She’s a bad chick….

  1. J Money says:

    Ah, My wife…..Best.album.ever.

    Im my top 5 off all time. Still cant believe that joint dropped 5 years ago. Half a decade.

    She wont do a show in the south for some reason. She stay in Cali, Philly, DC, and NYC

  2. Streetz says:

    Good Joitn Reecie.. i think I’ve heard a few joints by shorty… Stanning on Women artists for a woman is soo sexy, lol

  3. reeciecup says:

    uhh, Jeff, I don’t think that was my intent but I appreciate the comment. Def check out more of her music!!!

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